More advanced tactics

Here are two software CDs designed to assist beginners

Books Of course, combinations don't just happen. I recommend the following two books for many reasons, especially because they provide consideration of the entire game, not just the tactics.

Here are a couple of books for those who prefer a somewhat more structured, advanced approach with fuller explanations.

VHS Videos about Chess Tactics!

Lethal Weapons. GM Julian Hodgson reveals his ten secret rules of play of attacking play and explores the tactics of several GM games in these two videos.

Krushing Attacks. Young chess talent Irina Krush analyzes some of her best games and combinations from her rapidly ascending chess career. A chess master at the age of twelve, this young woman is blazing a trail for young American chessplayers everywhere.

Attack with Confidence. GM Danny King helps you to build up an attack from a sound basis and spotlight the vital weaknesses around your opponent's king.

20:20 Calculation. Danny King is back to let you into the secrets of 20:20 calculation, helping you to cut through the fog and home in on what's crucial.