by Jon Edwards. 154 pages, Thinkers' Press.

The author, Jon Edwards (that's me!), is the 10th United States Correspondence Chess Champion and has also placed first in the 8th North American Invitational Correspondence Chess Championship. The book contains 25 chapters that chronicle my rise within correspondence chess.

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As a special bonus, the games in the book are available here electronically. This way, you can read through the book WITHOUT HAVING TO SET UP THE BOARD.

The Chess Analyst games

Many early experiments that led to later success in the US CCC and the NAI CCC. Many chapters on the French Defense, the Hedgehog, the Sicilian, and the author’s bust to 1.g4. Primarily 1.e4 with White; Sicilian, Nimzo-Indian, Queen's Indian, and Benko Gambit with Black.

Here are some of the reviews the book has received:

Alex Dunne, Chess Life: "This fine book discusses in depth how the 10th US Correspondence Champion thinks, analyzes, and plays his own incredible game of chess. This is a fascinating work, discussing opening variations in depth, with a sharp discussion of how to play these positions, followed by Edwards’ incisive postal games with that line. My advice to postal players: buy this book!"

Jeremy Silman, Inside Chess: "Though I have not been kind to all of the books in Thinkers’ "rookie writer" series, I must admit that those done by postal players have a certain charm. This effort by Jon Edwards might well be the best of the lot.... the book is instructive and fun to read."

Taylor Kingston, Chesscafe: "It’s a sort of advanced version of Chernev’s classic Logical Chess Move by Move. As a result, one gets a very thorough understanding of the games, of both their strategic elements and of specific tactical variations."

Lubosh Kavelek, Washington Post: "The book is full of entertaining stories in notes to the games. Edwards likes to play sharp openings (enjoys defeating the French, for example) and loves middle game tactics."

John Watson, London Chess Center: "The games are of high quality and contain a great variety of instructive positions and original opening ideas. But the thing that really makes the book worth reading is Edwards’ obvious enthusiasm for the game and modest but thorough notes. This is a delightful book, and just the thing if you are looking for something out of the mainstream."

John Knudsen, The Correspondence Chess Place: "The first chapter I went to was Chapter 25, ‘Uncle Fred’s Gambit,’ which may be the finest piece of correspondence chess literature ever written. In every chapter, there is something either highly entertaining or instructive, or both."

The British Chess Magazine: "US Correspondence Chess Champ Jon Edwards is a highly entertaining writer with a nice line in self-deprecating humor. He gives quite instructive snapshots of his favorite openings and best CC games together with lovely anecdotes..."

Tim Harding, Chess Mail: "For the CC player, this recent book demands to be bought."