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100 Awesome Chess Moves; Schiller; $17.05; .
100 Best Games of the 20th Century; Soltis; $40.50; The 100 best games were taken from an initial field of about 7,000 played from 1900 through 1999 that had already gained some attention in magazines, books and periodicals.
100 Chess Gems; Wenman; $13.46; .
100 Soviet Chess Miniatures; Clarke; $8.06; Selected and annotated by celebrated chess authority P.H. Clarke, these 100 miniature games, played by relatively unknown Soviet masters, were origianlly taken from the records of the Soviet Chess Bulletin and published in the British Chess Magazine.
1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate; Reinfeld; $9.00; .
1001 Winning Sacrifices/Combination; Reinfeld; $9.00; .
101 Attacking Ideas in Chess; Gallagher; $16.16; .
101 Brilliant Chess Miniatures; Nunn; $17.95; .
101 Chess Opening Surprises; Burgess; $16.16; .
101 Chess Opening Traps; Giddins; $13.46; .
101 Chess Problems for Beginners; Reinfeld; $6.30; .
101 Tips to Improve Your Chess; Kosten; $13.50; .
101 Winning Chess Strategies; Dunnington; $16.15; .
1983 U.S. Championship; Christiansen; $5.85; .
2 c3 vs. Sicilian & Smith-Morra; Smith; $14.85; .
200 Demanding Chess Puzzles; Greif; $6.26; .
200 Open Games; Bronstein; $7.16; .
200 Perplexing Chess Puzzles; Greif; $6.26; .
2003 Catalog - The Chess House; ; $0.00; .
202 Surprising Checkmates; Wilson, Albertson; $6.25; .
3 Double King Pawn Openings; Estrin; $5.40; .
30 Club Membership for One Year; ; $40.00; Discount Pricing Membership. For only $40 per year, receive 30% off books, 20% off videos, and a great price on every other product in our catalog! Some items even pay for the membership!
303 Tricky Checkmates; Wilson; $11.66; Both a fascinating challenge and great training tool, this collection of two, three, and bonus four move checkmates is great for advanced beginning, intermediate and expert players. Mates are in order of difficulty, from simple to complex.
303 Tricky Chess Tactics; Wilson, Albertson; $11.66; .
4.e3 in the Nimzo Indian; Hansen; $21.55; Comprehensive coverage of the long established main line of the Nimzo.
4.Nc3 Gam. in Queen's Gam. and Slav; Watson; $4.50; .
40 Lessons for the Club Player; Kostyev; $21.56; .
500 Alekhine Miniatures; Wall; $5.85; .
500 Center Counter Miniatures; Wall; $8.06; .
500 English Miniatures; Wall; $5.40; .
500 French Miniatures; Wall; $5.85; .
500 French Miniatures II; Wall; $6.75; .
500 Indian Miniatures; Wall; $5.40; .
500 King's Gambit Miniatures; Wall; $6.26; .
500 King's Gambit Miniatures II; Wall; $6.75; .
500 Master Games of Chess; Tartakower; $15.25; .
500 Pirc Miniatures; Wall; $5.40; .
500 Queen's Gambit Miniatures; Wall; $5.85; .
500 Queen's Gambit Miniatures II; Wall; $5.85; .
500 Ruy Lopez Miniatures; Wall; $5.85; .
500 Scotch Miniatures; Wall; $6.75; .
500 Sicilian Miniatures; Wall; $5.85; .
500 Sicilian Miniatures, II; Wall; $5.40; .
639 Essential Endgame Positions; Schiller; $17.05; .
64 Great Chess Games; Harding; $17.95; Subtitled, "Instructive classics from the world of correspondence chess", this 304-page book is suitable for players of all standards, whether or not they play email or postal chess.
64 Things You Need to Know in Chess; Walker; $16.15; Renowned chess teacher and writer John Walker's basic primer for those who know how to play chess and want to improve their game.
700 Opening Traps; Wall; $6.75; .
A (First) Century of Studies - Ernest Pogosyants; Roycroft; $8.95; .
A History of Chess; Murray; $44.98; .
A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire; Summerscale; $17.96; .
A Parents Guide to Chess; Heisman; $13.45; Chess offers many benefits to players of all ages. This book is intended as a guide to help parents explore this expanding world and to maximize its benefits for their children.
A.V.R.O. 1938 - Ultimate Chess Tournament; Antler; $14.85; .
A33 English Opening; Sax; $16.20; .
A34 English Opening; Beliavsky; $16.20; .
A34-39 English Opening Vol 2; Fide; $15.26; .
A57 Volga Gambit; Karpov; $16.20; .
A58-59 Volga Gambit; Karpov; $16.20; .
a6 Slav; Flear; $17.95; Grandmaster and openings expert Glenn Flear explains the tactics and positional ideas for both White and Black and presents a comprehensive coverage of the theory, concentrating on all the new wrinkles and discoveries.
A65 Benoni; Kapengut; $16.20; .
ABC's of Chess; Pandolfini; $9.90; .
Accel Dragon Maroczy Var (B36-B39); S1 Editrice; $12.56; .
Accelerated Dragon; Kristensen; $7.16; .
Accelerated Dragon B34-B35; S1 Editrice; $17.06; .
Accelerated Dragons; Donaldson; $24.26; .
Action Chess; Purdy; $20.25; "My aim is to enable you to avoid losing games in the opening, to show you how to obtain a reasonably level game as Black with the minimum of "Swotting", so that when you and your opponents are both out of the books you will have a 50 - 50 chance".
Active Repertoire for Black; Marovic; $15.26; .
Advance Caro-Kann Vol.2; Jacobs; $8.06; .
Advance French Vol.2; Wade; $8.06; .
Advanced Endgame Strategies; Mednis; $9.86; .
Against the Maroczy Bind; Crouch/Kulagin; $17.96; .
Aggressive Nimzowitsch Sicilian; Schiller; $13.95; .
Akiba Rubinstein: Later Years; Donaldson; $25.16; Akiba Rubinstein occupies a unique position in chess history. One of the greatest artists ever to sit down at a chess board, Rubinstein was also the strongest player never to have a shot at the title of World Champion.
Akiba Rubinstein: Later Years; Donaldson; $31.46; Akiba Rubinstein occupies a unique position in chess history. One of the greatest artists ever to sit down at a chess board, Rubinstein was also the strongest player never to have a shot at the title of World Champion.
Alapin French; Sawyer; $12.56; .
Alapins Opening; Druash; $3.60; The last decade has seen frequent adoption and popularity of openings once considered unsound. Alapin's Openign is a line yet to be re-discovered.
Albin Counter Gambit; Ward; $8.06; .
Alburts Complete Chess Course 7 Titles; Alburt; $135.00; Alburt's 7 Book Series
Alekhine Def Vol.1; Mcdonald; $7.16; .
Alekhine Defense Vol 2; Martin; $8.06; .
Alekhine in Europe and Asia; Donaldson; $14.36; IM John Donaldson, IM Nikolay Minev, GM Yasser Seirawan This super-sequel to Alekhine in the Americas features 619 non-tournament chess games. They come from a variety of formats including simultaneous displays, exhibitions, clock simuls, blindfold play..
Alekhine in the Americas - Exhibition; Donaldson; $8.06; IM John Donaldson, IM Nikolay Minev, GM Yasser Seirawan To honor the 100th anniversary of Alekhine's birthday lesser-known Alekhine efforts are brought here into the public eye. The purpose of the book is to investigate Alekhine's quite fascinating...
Alekhine's Anti-Gruenfeld Attack; Watson; $11.66; .
Alekhine's Block/Tactician's Handbk; Charushin; $10.76; .
Alekhine's Defense as White/4 Pawns; Christiansen; $11.66; .
Alekhine/1577 Games/953 Tournament; Caparros; $22.46; .
Alexander Alekhine Games 1902-1922 - V1; Khalifman; $31.50; .
Alexander Alekhine Games 1923-1934 - V2; Khalifman; $26.95; .
Alexander Alekhine: Agony of a Chess Genius; Moran; $40.50; .
Alexander Alekhines Chess Games; Skinner; $85.50; This book contains 2543 games of the former world champion, many annotated by Alekhine himself, with 1868 diagrams, and fully indexed.
Amateurs Mind 2nd Edition / Expanded; Silman; $17.95; .
American Chess Art/250 Endgames; Korn; $17.55; .
Anatoly Karpovs Best Games; Karpov; $19.75; .
Anglo-Benoni/Four Knights System; Janicki; $6.26; .
Answer Guide to How to Become A Candidate Master; Dunne; $4.46; .
Anthology of Chess Beauty; Shakarov; $26.95; A collection of 1640 annotated games from awarded chess games that were played in tournaments and matches between the years 1876 to 1995.
Anthology of Chess Combinations; ; $32.40; One of the most popular books on tactics and combinations ever released is now back in print! It offers a selection of the most significant achievements made in competitions over 200 years.
Anti Sicilians: A Guide for Black; Rogozenko; $20.65; The Sicilian is far and away the most popular chess opening, and many players prefer to side-step the Open Sicilian with one of the Anti-Sicilian systems at White’s disposal. This book equips Black to fight against all these lines.
Anti-Marshall; Hodgson; $8.06; .
Anti-Meran Botvinnik Var; Tangborn; $13.46; IM Eric Tangborn Containing over one hundred recent chess games in the variation 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.Nc3 e6 5.Bg5 dxc4 6.e4 b5 7.e5 h6 8.Bh4 g5 9.Nxg5. IM Tangborn provides a cogent analysis of the critical lines following 9.Nxg5 in this....
Anti-Sicilian; Hodgson; $8.06; .
Application of Chess Theory; Geller; $17.96; .
Archangel & New Archangel; Panczyk; $17.06; .
Archangel! Against the Ruy Lopez; Henley; $9.86; .
Aron Nimzowitch: A Reappraisal; Keene; $20.65; .
Art of Attack in Chess; Vukovic; $22.46; One of the finest chess books ever written, now in the revised algebraic edition. The author expounds both the basic principles and the most complex forms of attack on the king.
Art of Checkmate; Renaud; $5.36; .
Art of Chess; Mason; $8.06; .
Art of Chess Analysis (New Ed); Timman; $19.76; .
Art of Chess Combination; Znosko-Borovsk; $5.36; .
Art of Defence in Chess; Polugayevsky; $22.46; .
Art of Defense in Chess; Soltis; $13.50; .
Art of Positional Play; Reshevsky; $12.60; .
Art of Sacrifice in Chess; Spielmann; $8.05; .
Art of the Chess Pieces; Linder; $16.20; Color photos of chess pieces and chess sets through the years.
Art of the Kings Indian; Gufeld; $19.76; "All in all, an excellent book, and one of the most readable openings primers for years" The British Chess Magazine

A top King's Indian specialist reveals his secrets...
Art of The Middle Game; Keres/Kotov; $7.16; .
Attack and Defence; Dvoretsky; $24.26; .
Attack with Mikhail Tal; Tal/Damsky; $17.96; .
Attacking the Benko/Nescafe Frappe; Burgess; $5.40; .
Attacking the King; Walker; $16.16; In this entertaining book, suitable for novice players from nine to ninety, John Walker shows how to develop an attack and mate your opponent's king.
Attacking with 1.d4; Dunnington; $17.95; .
Attacking with 1.e4; Emms; $17.95; Grandmaster John Emms offers a new arsenal of opening weapons with which to attack your unsuspecting opponents.
B12 Caro-Kann; Seirawan; $16.20; .
B17 Caro-Kann 4...Nd7; Fide; $8.10; .
B32-33 Sicilian Sveshnikov & 4...E5; Fide; $15.26; .
B64-65 Sicilian Richter Rauzer; Fide; $8.10; .
B66 Richter Rauzer Attack; Anand; $16.20; .
B67-B69 Richter Rauzer; Van Der Wiel; $16.20; .
B75-76 Sicilian Defense; Tiviakov; $16.20; .
B86-87 Sicilian Defense; Beliavsky; $16.20; .
B88 Sicilian Defence; Beliavsky; $16.20; .
Baden Baden 1925 International Chess Tournament; Adams; $40.50;
Baltic Defense to Queen's Gambit; Soltis; $13.95; .
Barcza-Larsen Defense; Fields; $6.26; .
Basic Chess Endings; Fine; $18.00; .
Basic Chess Endings Corrections; Louie; $4.50; .
Basic Chess Openings; Kallai; $17.96; .
Basic Endgame Strategy - Kings, Pawns, Minors; Robertie; $11.66; Learn the mating principles and combinations needed to finish off opponents. From the four basic checkmates using the King with the queen, rook, two bishops, and bishop/knight combinations, to the King/pawn, King/Knight and King/Bishop endgames, you'll
Basic Endgame Strategy - Queens, Rooks; Robertie; $11.65; The companion guide to Basic Endgame Kings, Pawns and Minor Pieces, you'll learn the basic mating principles and combinations of the Queen and Rook with King, how to turn middlegame advantages into victories by creating passed pawns, using the King as a
Basics of Winning Chess; Cantrell; $4.46; A great first book of chess, in one easy reading, beginner's learn the moves, pieces, basic rules and principles of play, standard openings, and both Algebraic and English chess notation. The basic ideas of the winning concepts and strategies of middle
Batsford Chess Puzzles; Barden; $19.75; For nearly half a century Leonard Barden has delighted readers with his chess puzzles, taken from both the world of chess composition and practical play.
Battles Royal of the Chessboard; Coles; $13.46; .
BCO2: Batsford Chess Openings 2; Kasparov; $27.00; .
Beating French Defence w/Advanced; Soltis; $12.15; .
Beating King's Indian & Benoni Defence; Soltis; $13.05; by GM Anatoly Vaisser It seems unfair that Black gets all the attacking chances in the normal lines of the King's Indian. Readers can now take a tip from the World's leading expert of sharp systems and shock their opponent with the Four Pawn Attack! ...
Beating Ruy Lopez w/Fianchetto Var; Soltis; $13.95; .
Beating Sicilian Defense Chameleon; Soltis; $12.56; .
Beating the Alekhine with the Exchange Var; Soltis; $12.15; .
Beating the Anti-King's Indians; Gallagher; $20.25; by GM Joe Gallagher King's Indian players revel in do-or-die tactics, but not every opponent wants to cooperate. Some want to bore the pants off you with the Exchange Variation, or the London System. Others go for your throat with the Four Pawns Attack...
Beating the Caro-Kann; Kotronias; $15.26; .
Beating the Caro-Kann with Advance; Soltis; $13.95; .
Beating the English Opening; Soltis; $12.15; .
Beating the Flank Openings; Kotronias; $20.70; Vassilios Kotronias Every chess player must face White's various Flank Openings - and few relish the task. Denied a sharp, counterattacking system such as the Sicilian or an Indian Defense, it is all too easy to play routine moves against a quiet opening
Beating the French; Lane; $15.26; .
Beating The Grunfeld; Karpov; $17.96; .
Beating the Indian Defences; Burgess; $17.95; .
Beating the King's Indian & Benoni; Vaisser; $18.86; .
Beating the Pirc/Modern w/Fianchett; Soltis; $11.25; .
Beating the Sicilian 3; Nunn/Gallagher; $20.70; .
Beating the Sicilian w/Short-Nunn; Soltis; $13.05; .
Beginner's Chess Course; Heyken; $11.66; .
Beginner's Guide to Winning Chess; Reinfeld; $6.30; .
Beginning Chess Master Fundamental Skill; Pritchard; $11.65; Beginning Chess is the perfect primer for the novice player. It is a valuable compendium of practical ideas and wisdom
Beginning Chess Play; Robertie; $8.96; .
Beginning Chess: 300 Elementary Problems; Pandolfini; $10.80; .
Benko Gambit; Walton; $4.50; .
Benko Gambit; Jacobs; $20.66; .
Benko Gambit Vol 3; Flear; $8.06; .
Benko Gambit Vol.1; Jacobs; $7.16; .
Benko Gambit Vol.2; Jacobs; $8.06; .
Benko Gambit!; Edwards; $9.86; .
Benoni Defence - Taimanov Var 8.Bb5; Tirabassi; $11.25; .
Best Lessons of a Chess Coach; Weeramantry; $13.50; .
Best of Chessbase Volume 1; Burnett; $26.96; .
Better Chess for Average Players; Harding; $7.16; .
Better Chess/376 Positions; Gillam; $5.40; .
Better Endgame Play; Mednis; $10.75; Grandmaster Mednis teaches the skills involved in actual play of endgames, such as simplification, how to handle weaknesses, moves important to general principles, and often overlooked techniques. This book will help you convert endgame advantages into wins.
Biel Interzonal 1993; Ftacnik; $16.16; by GM Lubomir Ftacnik and Jan Ambroz All the games, Informant-style notes, round by round commentary. Read and play through the games of Gelfand, Kamsky, Khalifman, Adams, Salov, Anand, Seirawan, Kortchnoi and others to find out who did and who didn't...
Big Book of Busts; Schiller; $20.66; .
Billy Colias: Midwest Master; Rantala; $11.66; .
Bird Variation in the Ruy Lopez; Cimmino; $12.60; .
Bird's Opening Vol. 2; Lalic; $8.06; .
Bird-Larsen Attack/Revised 2nd Ed; Soltis; $14.85; .
Bishop v Knight: The Verdict; Mayer; $20.25; by Steve Mayer The relative strengths of the Bishop and Knight have long been debated. Traditional thinking has been that the Bishop is better in open positions while the Knight is better in blocked positions. Top players differ in their views....
Black Def. Syst. for Rest of Career; Soltis; $14.85; .
Black Defensive System with 1..d6; Soltis; $14.85; .
Black is O.K. in...Rare Openings; Adorjan; $12.15; .
Black to Play Classical Defenses; Schiller; $14.85; .
Blackburne-Hartlaub Gambit; Bloodgood; $14.85; Main Line: 1.d4 e5 2.dxe5 d6!? 3.exd6 Bxd6 or 3.Nf3, etc.
Blackmar Diemer Gambit; Schiller; $5.40; .
Blackmar-Diemar Gambit; Lane; $15.30; .
Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Bogoljubow; Schiller; $8.96; .
Blindfold Chess Genius; Koltanowski; $9.90; .
Blockade; Nimzowitsch; $4.95; .
Blumenfeld Gambit; Przewoznik; $13.46; .
Blumenfeld Gambit; Arkell; $8.06; .
Blumenfeld Vol 2; Lalic; $8.06; .
Bobby Fischer - Complete Games; Hays; $17.96; .
Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess; Bobby Fischer; $7.19; The all-time classic chess book... wonderful for beginners, especially children.
Bobby Fischer, Chess Genius to Legend; Gufeld; $17.05; World Chess Champion (1972) Bobby Fischer still perplexes us
Bobby Fischer: Profile of a Prodigy; Brady; $9.86; .
Bobby Fischers Outrageous Moves; Pandolfini; $9.90; .
Bogo-Indian Defense; Jacobs; $7.16; .
Bogo-Indian Vol 2; Lalic; $8.06; .
Border Wars III; Hebert; $4.50; .
Botvinnik on the Endgame; Botvinnik; $5.40; Former World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik is widely recognized as one of the more skilled masters of the endgame. In this book he gives us the benefits of his years of experience against an imposing array of chess immortals...
Botvinnik Semi-Slav; Pederson; $19.76; The Botvinnik System (5Bg5 dxc4) is the most critical variation of the Semi-Slav. Many of today's top grandmasters have relied on it as Black, White, or both, especially in make-or-break situations.
Brilliancy Prize Games; Reinfeld; $7.16; .
Brilliant Chess Studies; Kuznetsov; $22.45; This pocket size chess book is written by Anatoly Kuznetsov, one of the best known in the field of chess studies. He has a master title both in practical play and in composition and presents the most outstanding artistic endgames from many centuries
Bronstein on the King's Indian Defence; Bronstein & Neat; $17.96; .
Budapest 1896; Owen; $27.00; .
Budapest for the Tournament Player; Tseitlin; $13.46; .
Budapest Vol 2; Ward; $8.06; .
Buffalo 1901 & 1894 - Tournaments; Hilbert; $25.20; .
Building Up Your Chess; Alburt; $23.00; Building Up Your Chess makes use of colorful graphs and a new, more logical method of expressing the evaluation of a chess position to teach the critical skill of assessing how you stand. He maximizes the results of your reading time. More than 400 chess diagrams make reading easy.
C.O.O.L. Chess; Motwani; $19.75; by GM Paul Motwani C.O.O.L. Chess is the sequel to H.O.T. Chess. GM Motwani continues to explain this easy-to-use approach to chess thinking and shows how Creative Original Opening Lines can bring astonishing over-the-board successes.
C05-06 French Defense; Bareev; $16.20; .
C18-C19 French Defense; Kortchnoi; $16.20; .
c3 Sicilian; Gallagher; $17.96; .
C68-69 Ruy Lopez Exchange; Fide; $8.10; .
C80-81 Ruy Lopez; Kortchnoi; $16.20; .
C82 Ruy Lopez; Kortchnoi; $16.20; .
C83 Ruy Lopez; Kortchnoi; $16.20; .
C92-93 Ruy Lopez; Romanishin; $16.20; .
C94-95 Ruy Lopez; Romanishin; $16.20; .
Cambridge Springs; Panczyk & Ilczuk; $17.05; The Cambridge Springs is a popular defense to the Queen’s Gambit
Cambridge Springs Defense; Schiller; $5.85; .
Can You Be a Positional Chess Genius?; Dunnington; $17.95; .
Can You Be a Tactical Chess Genius?; Plaskett; $17.95; .
Capablanca's Best Chess Endings; Chernev; $8.05; .
Capablanca: Rare Archival Material; Winter; $40.50; .
Capablancas Best Games; Golombek; $21.56; by Harry Golombek Jose Raul Capablanca is generally regarded as the player in chess history with the most natural talent. Champions since have eulogized his phenomenal play, with many of them attributing their development as players to studying his games.
Carl Schlechter! Life and Times; Goldman; $41.40; .
Caro Kann Classical Rejuvenated; Schiller; $6.26; .
Caro-Kann 4...Nd7; Jacobs; $7.16; .
Caro-Kann 4...Nd7 Vol.2; Lalic; $8.06; .
Caro-Kann 5 Nxf6 Vol.1; Hodgson; $7.16; .
Caro-Kann 5 Nxf6 Vol.2; Hodgson; $8.06; .
Caro-Kann Advance; Jacobs; $17.96; .
Caro-Kann Def Classical B18-B19; S1 Editrice; $17.96; .
Caro-Kann Defence Knight Var 4..Nf6; Curtacci; $11.25; .
Caro-Kann Defense Advance Variation; Tirabassi; $13.05; .
Caro-Kann Exchange Var (B13); S1 Editrice; $14.63; .
Caro-Kann Fantasy 3.f3; Hodgson; $8.06; .
Caro-Kann In Black & White; Karpov; $22.46; .
Caro-Kann Panov Botvinnik Attack; Carlier; $7.16; .
Caro-Kann Panov-Botvinnik Vol.2; Arkell; $8.06; .
Caro-Kann Smyslov System 4...Nd7; Gufeld; $17.05; .
Caro-Kann: Fantasy Variation; Minev; $8.96; .
Castling to Win!; Timmer; $21.56; FM Robert Timmer The King is the most valuable piece on the chess board, yet many players give little thought to where His Majesty should reside. This wide-ranging and entertaining survey explains the dangers of leaving the King in the center
Catalan; Smith/Hall; $13.95; .
Catalan; ; $8.06; .
Catalan - 2nd Edition; Schiller; $7.16; .
Center Counter; Grefe; $5.85; .
Center Counter!; Hodges; $9.86; .
Checkmate; Koltanowski; $8.05; More than 275 master chess instructor selected diagrams involve you in learning the patterns for entrapping the opponent's King.
Checkmate - Ideas for Students; Bain; $3.55; An instructional workbook designed for beginning students.
Checkmate Artistry Volume 2; Furst; $17.96; .
Checkmate Strategies; Koltanowski; $8.05; More than 275 master chess instructor selected diagrams involve you in learning the patterns for entrapping the opponent's King.
Chess Basics; Short; $9.86; .
Chess Braintwisters; Hochberg; $6.26; .
Chess Brilliancy, 250 Historic Games; Damsky; $19.75; The author delves back into history to examine how this concept has developed, before presenting a dazzling array of brilliant games from the past few decades
Chess Champion from China; Xie Jun; $10.35; .
Chess Choice Challenge; Ward/Emms; $17.96; .
Chess Choice Challenge 2; Ward; $17.05; A new, completely revised edition of the classic chess quiz book. Grandmaster Chris Ward presents another selection of fascinating and entertaining puzzles.
Chess Doctor; Pandolfini; $12.60; .
Chess Endings - Essential Knowledge; Averbakh; $13.45; .
Chess for Beginners; Horowitz; $8.10; .
Chess for Children; Nottingham; $9.86; .
Chess for Dummies; Eade; $15.29; .
Chess for Fun and Chess for Blood; Lasker; $5.36; .
Chess for the Rank and File; Rubin; $15.26; .
Chess Fundamentals; Capablanca; $13.50; .
Chess Games of Adolph Anderssen; Pickard; $22.46; .
Chess Gladiator; Hoffman; $13.46; FM Asa Hoffm Seventy heavily annotated games make up this collection from the man GM Yasser Seirawan refers to as "...a near legendary figure in the New York City chess world."
Chess Highlights of the 20th Century; Burgess; $24.75; .
Chess in Ten Easy Lessons; Evans; $9.00; .
Chess Made Easy; Hanauer; $4.50; .
Chess Master vs. Chess Amateur; Euwe; $8.06; .
Chess any Age; Wetzell; $22.50; .
Chess Middlegame Combinations; Romanovsky; $16.16; .
Chess Middlegame Planning; Romanovsky; $16.16; .
Chess Middlegames: Essential Knowledge; Averbakh; $13.46; .
Chess Olympiad Novi Sad 1990; Gruenfeld; $9.86; .
Chess on the Net; Crowther; $14.35; In this revolutionary book, distinguished chess webmaster Mark Crowther explains to the reader how to get the maximum out of the web. Crowther casts his expert eye over the ever-increasing number of chess sites available to the surfer.
Chess on the Web; Sarah Hurst; $12.56; .
Chess Openings; Basman; $17.96; .
Chess Openings for Juniors; Walker; $13.46; John Walker tackles the problems of opening play for the young player, providing a great deal of practical advice and demonstrating the dire consequences of ignoring basic rules.
Chess Openings for the Average Player; Harding/Barden; $8.05; .
Chess Openings Lexicon; Devault; $14.85; .
Chess Openings: Traps and Zaps; Pandolfini; $11.70; .
Chess Organizer's Handbook; Reuben; $13.46; .
Chess Poems; Kusen; $3.50; .
Chess Points; Lapoint; $8.96; .
Chess Praxis - 21st Century Edition; Nimzowitsch; $16.16; Nimzowitsch's "other classic", the companion volume to My System.
Chess Psychology; Dunnington; $17.95; Why do so many chess players only draw winning positions or lose drawing ones? Why do many continually slip into time trouble, despite vowing after every game to move more quickly?
Chess Puzzles; Norwood; $12.60; .
Chess Recipes from Grandmasters Kitchen; Beim; $16.15; Professional trainer and grandmaster Valeri Beim explains the key principles of thinking methods and chess strategy. His recipes discuss important topics not previously provided in chess literature.
Chess Rules for Students; Bain; $3.15; Chess Rules for Students is an instructional workbook designed for students just learning the game of chess and for beginning students returning to the game after an absence. Parents unfamiliar with chess will find this booklet a valuable guide
Chess Rules of Thumb; Alburt; $15.00; Chess Rules of Thumb gives you the winning principles of chess in clear, short statements in three centuries of insights from the masters. Fun to browse or to read from cover-to-cover, it's a book that all chess players—from beginners to grandmasters—will enjoy for a lifetime.
Chess Software Users Guide; Jacobs; $17.95; A team of experts, all experienced chess software users, review all the latest software available, highlighting the positives, the negatives and underlining what's value for money and what's not.
Chess Strategy; Lasker; $8.95; .
Chess Strategy / Tournament Player; Alburt; $21.56; .
Chess Strategy in Action; Watson; $22.45; Yet again John Watson has produced a classic that will be a strong tool of learning in any player’s armoury. Watson has an excellent writing style that makes his book essential reading, this is a book you will not readily put down!
Chess Tactician's Handbook; Grefe; $6.26; .
Chess Tactics for Advanced Players; Averbakh; $15.75; Averbakh has developed an entirely novel approach. His main aim was to create a theoretical basis so one can effortlessly study the numerous tactical problems.
Chess Tactics for Beginners; Reinfeld; $6.30; .
Chess Tactics for Students; Bain; $13.46; a one-of-a-kind instructional workbook designed to help beginners acquire the skills of strong intermediate players
Chess Tactics for Tournament Player; Alburt; $17.96; Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player is the third volume in Grandmaster Lev Alburt's Comprehensive Chess Course Series.
Chess Tactics Workbook; Woolum; $11.70; .
Chess Teacher; Phillips; $16.16; .
Chess Terrorists Handbook; Shamkovich; $17.96; .
Chess Training; Povah; $16.16; .
Chess Training for Budding Champions; Hall; $17.95; A Unique self training course in the essentials of chess.
Chess Training Pocketbook - 2nd Revised Edition; Alburt; $16.15; .
Chess Traps, Pitfalls and Swindles; Horowitz; $14.18; .
Chess Under the Microscope; Motwani; $21.56; The many well-annotated, exciting, attacking games are instructive model examples which have been carefully chosen to increase the chess knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of players of all standards.
Chess Wizardry: New ABC of Problems; Rice; $24.26; by IMCC John Rice A new thoroughly updated edition of a classic work to introduce a fresh generation of chess readers to the wonders of the chess problem. There is nothing like a good chess problem to show just how beautiful chess can be, and this book...
Chess World Championships 1834-1998 2nd Ed; Gelo; $26.95; .
Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations & Games; Polgar; $31.50; -The largest collection of chess moves ever assembled into one volume,An indispensable volume for both the beginning chess player and the master,The ultimate book on winning the game
Chess: Complete Chess Self-Tutor; Lasker; $31.50; .
Chess: Improving and Staying Sharp; Tangborn; $13.05; This book emphasizes topics that strong players need to study in order to stay sharp
Chess: The Search for Mona Lisa; Gufeld; $21.55; An entertaining and instructive look at covering the games, chess ideas, and life of globetrotting grandmaster Eduard Gufeld.
Chessplayer's Laboratory Vol 1; Schiller; $8.06; .
Chigorin Queen's Gambit; Dunnington; $18.86; by IM Angus Dunnington Escape the over-analyzed by-ways of the Indian defenses, with this surprising opening for Black: 1.d4 d5 2.c4 Nc6. Black almost contemptuously ignores White's moves and sets about on his own attack of the center.
Chinese School of Chess; Wenzhe; $21.55; This important work reveals for the first time the unique approach, training methods and secrets of the Chinese School of Chess, based on the 'Art of Thinking' which has given Chinese players a quite distinctive style from their western counterparts.
Choose the Right Move; King; $13.46; .
CJS Purdy's Fine Art of Annotation III; Purdy; $18.45; Volume 3, continuing in the same style, contains 70 annotated games of CJS Purdy as well as an additional 30 annotated games of his tactically gifted son John, also an Australian Champion.
CJS Purdys Fine Art of Annotation II; Purdy; $20.25; In 1953 Cecil John Seddon Purdy became the world's first correspondence chess champion. He was from an unlikely place, Australia! Concurrently, he had published a small, but powerful, chess magazine called Chess World.
Classic Chess Problems; Howard; $5.36; .
Classical & Stonewall Dutch; Mcnab; $8.06; .
Classical Caro-Kann 4...Bf5; Berg; $7.16; .
Classical Caro-Kann Vol 2; Hodgson; $8.06; .
Classical Defense to the Ruy Lopez; Winters; $0.40; .
Classical Dutch; Pinski; $17.95; International Master Jan Pinski delves into the secrets of the Classical Dutch, studying both the positional motives and tactical nuances for both sides.
Classical French; Gufeld; $17.95; .
Classical Nimzo-Indian; Lalic; $17.95; .
Classical/Stonewall Vol 2; Lalic; $8.06; .
Closed Sicilian; King; $17.95; .
Closed Sicilian; Martin; $16.16; .
Closed Spanish Vol 2; Lalic; $8.06; .
Closed System of the Sicilian Defense; Schneider; $12.15; .
Colle System, 12th Edition; Koltanowski; $5.85; .
Colle System/Koltanowski Var 5 c3; Soltis; $14.85; .
Colle System/Zukertort Var/5.b3; Soltis; $14.85; .
Colle Vol. 2; Lalic; $8.06; .
Combination Challenge!; Hays/Hall; $16.16; "The combination book of the year!" - Ken Smith, 1991. This clasic best-seller gives you 1154 tactical problems to solve PLUS a training mehtod for learning chess tactics by "osmosis". Now in its eighth printing.
Combination Cross; Charushin; $10.76; .
Combinations in the Middlegame Rev.; Bondarevsky; $13.95; .
Combinations of the World Champions; Tangborn; $11.25; .
Combinations: The Heart of Chess; Chernev; $5.36; .
Combinations: The Improving Players Puzzle Book; Walker; $14.36; .
Common sense in Chess; Lasker; $6.25; .
Complete Benko Gambit/Rev ED; Fedorowicz; $17.06; .
Complete Book of Chess Strategy; Silman; $17.06; .
Complete Book of Gambits; Keene; $17.96; .
Complete Chess Course; Reinfeld; $24.26; .
Complete Chess Player; Reinfeld; $9.00; .
Complete Def to King Pawn Openings; Schiller; $15.26; Learn a complete defensive system against 1.e4. This powerful repertoire not only limits White's ability to obtain any significant opening advantage but allows Black to adopt the flexible Caro-Kann formation, the favorite weapon of many of the greatest
Complete Def to Queen Pawn Openings; Schiller; $15.26; This aggressive counterattacking repertoire covers Black opening systems against virtually every chess opening except for 1.e4 (including most flank games), based on the exciting and powerful Tarrasch Defense, an opening that helped bring championships to
Complete Dragon; Gufeld; $24.26; by GM Eduard Gufeld The Dragon is named after the star constellation of the same name, since Black's pawns are arranged in a similar way to the stars. This opening is cut-throat chess at its best: both sides go straight for the enemy King.
Complete Guide to Correspondence Chess; Dunne; $13.46; .
Complete Najdorf: 6. Bg5; Nunn; $25.15; .
Complete Queen's Indian; Geller; $20.66; .
Complete Semi-Slav; Wells; $20.66; .
Complete Studies/Genrikh Kasparyan; Roycroft; $35.96; .
Complete Vienna; Tseitlin; $17.96; .
Comprehensive Chess Course Vol 1; Alburt; $15.26; Learn all the rules of chess, all the fundamental principles and how to visualize the board and pieces - the prerequisite for immediate success.
Comprehensive Chess Course Vol 2; Alburt; $26.06; .
Concise Chess Endings; McDonald; $14.35; If you are in need of a refresher course in the endgame, then this pocket-sized guide is in answer to your problems.
Concise Chess Openings; McDonald; $14.35; .
Contemporary Approach to Middlegame; Suetin; $14.85; .
Correspondence Chess in America; Avery; $40.50; .
Creative Chess; Avni; $17.95; .
Cunningham Gambit; Lutes; $11.66; .
Curse of Kirsan; Hurst; $17.95; British journalist Sarah Hurst was infected with chess fever at the age of 20 and spent seven years exploring the mysterious world of the amateur and professional player.
Czech & Schmid Benoni Vol 2; Sher; $8.06; .
Czech Defense - 796 Selected Games; Lindsay; $10.80; 1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 c6
D13-14 Slav Exchange; ; $8.10; .
D16-19 Slav Defense; Ribli; $16.20; .
D37 Queen's Gambit Declined 5. Bf4; Fide; $8.10; .
d4 d6, Nf3 Bg4; Hodgson; $7.16; .
D44 Queen's Gambit; Beliavsky; $16.20; .
D47 Queen's Gambit Declined:Meran; Fide; $8.10; .
D85 Gruenfeld Exchange 8.Rb1; Fide; $8.10; .
Danish Gambit 1.e4 e5 2.d4 ed 3.c3; Lutes; $13.46; .
Decisive Games in Chess History; Pachman; $8.06; Pachman here gives a vivid account of the highlights of the most important tournaments and matches of the last century, from 1870 to 1972.
Development of Chess Style; Euwe; $20.25; .
Developments Sicilian: Richter-Rauzer; Blackstock; $6.75; .
Dragon! A Sicilian Counterattack; Henley; $9.86; .
Dunst Opening 1 Nc3; Wall; $6.26; .
Dutch Def. Leningrad Var. 7... Nc6; Luccioni; $12.60; .
Dutch Defense; Christiansen; $15.75; .
Dutch Defense; Martin; $7.16; .
Dutch for the Attacking Player; Pedersen; $18.86; .
Dutch Leningrad; Mcdonald; $17.96; .
Dutch Stonewall; Aagaard; $17.95; .
Dvoretskys Endgame Manual; Dvoretsky; $26.95; Russian IM Dvoretsky is perhaps the most respected chess instructor in the world today. His latest work, Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual, is sure to become a classic reference book on one of the most difficult and subtle and phases in chess.
Dynamic Black Defenses/1..b5 1..g5; Harding; $13.46; .
Dynamic Chess; Coles; $5.36; .
Dynamic English; Kosten; $17.96; .
Dynamic Pawn Play in Chess; Marovic; $19.76; How to use your pawns to fight for the initiative and central control.
Dynamic Philidor Counter-Gambit; West; $15.75; .
Dynamic White Openings; Harding; $13.46; .
Dynamics of Chess Psychology; Utterburg; $15.75; This book is an all time classic. NM Cary Utterberg (1994).
Dynamics of Chess Strategy; Jansa; $21.55; Rather than focusing on following established correct principles, Jansa examines the exceptions to the rules, which are an essential part of achieving mastery rather than just being a 'good student'.
E.C.O. Busted! 535 Refutations; Pickard; $18.90; .
E32 Nimzo-Indian 4. Qc2 Vol 1; Fide; $8.10; .
E97 Classical King's Indian Vol 1; Fide; $8.10; .
E97 Classical King's Indian Vol 2; Fide; $8.10; .
E97 King's Indian Defence; Gurevich; $16.20; .
Easy Guide to Chess; Wood; $11.66; .
Easy Guide to the 5 Nge2 Kings Indian; Forintos & Haag; $17.06; If you are tired of keeping up to date with rapidly changing main-line theory, but don't want to squeak your way through the opening, the Hungarian Attack offers a very welcome "third party".
Easy Guide to the Bb5 Sicilian; Pederson; $17.06; .
Easy Guide to the Classical Sicilian; Agnos; $17.06; .
Easy Guide to the Dragon; Golubev; $17.96; .
Easy Guide to the Najdorf; Kosten; $17.06; .
Easy Guide to the Nimzo-Indian; Emms; $17.06; .
Easy Guide to the Queen's Gambit Accepted; Buckley; $17.96; .
Easy Guide to the Reti Opening; Dunnington; $17.06; .
Easy Guide to the Ruy Lopez; Emms; $17.06; .
Easy Guide to the Sicilian Scheveningen; Pederson; $17.06; .
Easy Guide to the Sveshnikov Sicilian; Aagaard; $17.06; All chess-players need a reliable defence to 1 e4, preferably one that is fun to play and provides real winning chances. The Sveshnikov Sicilian fits the bill perfectly.
ECO A - 4th Edition 2001; Informant; $32.40; .
ECO B - 4th Edition, 2002; Informant; $32.40; .
ECO C - 4th Edition, 2000; Informant; $32.40; .
ECO D - 3rd Edition, 1998; Informant; $32.40; .
Elements of Positional Evaluation; Heisman; $7.16; .
Elista Diaries/Karpov-Kamsky 1996; Karpov; $26.96; .
Emanual Lasker Games 1889-1903 Vol; Khalifman; $22.50; Two-volume collection presents all Lasker's tournament and match games, completely annotated as other books of "Chess Stars" series. In the period 1892-1924 Lasker played 16 matches and took part in 15 tournaments and he showed phenomenal results...
Emanual Lasker Games 1904-1940 Vol 2; Khalifman; $22.50; Two-volume collection presents all Lasker's tournament and match games, completely annotated as other books of "Chess Stars" series. In the period 1892-1924 Lasker played 16 matches and took part in 15 tournaments and he showed phenomenal result...
Emanuel Lasker: Life of a Chess Master; Hannak; $8.06; .
Emanuel Lasker: Vol 1 Games 1889-1907; Varnusz; $23.35; .
EMCO: Open Games Vol 1; Kalinichenko; $40.50; .
EMCO: Semi-Open Games; Kalinichenko; $40.50; .
EMCO: Sicilian Defense; Kalinichenko; $40.50; .
EMCO: Vol 3 Closed Games; Kalinechenko; $45.00; .
Encyclopedia of Chess Variants; Pritchard; $26.95; The Encyclopedia of Chess Variants is a compilation of board and table games related to, derived from or inspired by chess. The games range through the ages and across the continents and from the brilliant to bizarre.
Encyclopedia of Chess Wisdom; Schiller; $17.96; The most important concepts, strategies, tactics, wisdom, and thinking that every chessplayer must know, plus the gold nuggets of knowledge behind every attack and defense is collected together in one volume. Step-by-step, from opening, middle....
Endgame Artistry Volume 5; Furst; $17.96; .
Endgame Challenge; Nunn; $22.45; John Nunn presents 250 challenging positions where your task is to find a cunning way to win or draw.
Endgame Challenge!; Hall; $16.16; Similar in format to Combination Challenge, players are given an alternative method of study for endgames.
Endgame Play; Ward; $13.46; .
Endgame Secrets; Lutz; $17.95; .
Endgame Strategy; Shereshevsky; $17.96; .
English ...C5 Vol 2; ; $8.06; .
English ...e5 Vol.2; Lalic; $8.06; .
English 1...c5; Mcnab; $7.16; .
English Defence; King; $17.96; .
English Opening (A21); Tirabassi; $11.25; .
English Opening/Flohr-Mikenas System; Janicki; $4.50; .
English Opening: Classical & Indian; Bagirov; $22.46; .
English Opening: Symmetrical; Bagirov; $22.46; .
Englund Gambit/Blackburne-Hartlaub; Smith/Hall; $14.85; This book covers three dynamic, little-known gambits - all directed against White's 1.d4. The gambits are: Englund Gambit, Blackburne Gambit, and Hartlaub Gambit
Epic Battles of the Chessboard; Coles; $7.16; .
Essential Chess Endings; Howell; $15.25; .
Essential Chess Endings Explained Move by Move I; Silman; $15.26; Novice through Intermediate
Essential Chess Endings Move by Move Vol 2; Smith; $15.75; .
Essential Endings/Advanced Players; Donaldson; $14.85; .
Euwe Defense/Blackmar-Diemer Gambit; Tejler; $2.25; .
Evans Gambit Revolution; Moody; $14.85; .
Evans Gambit System vs Two Knights; Harding; $15.75; .
Evans Gambit/Revised 2nd Edition; Harding; $15.75; .
Everyone's 2nd Chess Book; Heisman; $13.45; .
Excelling at Chess; Aagaard; $21.55; In Excelling at Chess, he includes chapters on when to calculate, how to evaluate positions, how to study theory, how to study the endgame and when to force the position.
Excelling at Positional Chess; Aagaard; $22.45; .
Exchange Grunfeld Vol.2; Tisdall; $8.06; .
Exchange Spanish Vol.2; Sindik; $8.06; .
Exchange Variation of the Slav; Silman; $11.66; .
Exploiting Small Advantages; Gufeld; $20.65; between players who are roughly equal in strength tend to be close run - with the result often depending on the exploitation of a small advantage.
Exploring the Endgame / Reprint; Griffiths; $16.16; .
Explosive Opening Repertoire for Black; Yrjola; $21.56; .
Extreme Chess: World Championships 1935,1937,1972; Purdy; $22.50; .
Falkbeer Counter Gambit; Leach; $12.56; .
Fianchetto Against the West Indians; Schiller; $5.85; .
Fianchetto Grunfeld; Mikhalchishin; $17.96; .
Fianchetto Kings Indian; Mcnab; $20.25; .
Fifth American Chess Congress NY 1880; Gilberg; $31.50; Originally published in 1881, this classic work offers a full report of the proceedings of the Fifth American Chess Congress, held in New York in 1880.
Fighting Fajarowicz; Harding; $15.75; .
Fighting French; Soltis; $13.95; .
Final Countdown; Hajenius/Van Ri; $16.16; .
Finding Bobby Fischer; Geuzendam; $31.50; .
Fire on Board - Shirovs Best Games; Shirov; $17.96; .
First American Chess Congress NY 1857; Fiske; $31.50; First published in 1859, this classic volume contains the proceedings of that celebrated assemblage, the First American Chess Congress, held in New York in 1857
First Anglo-Pacific Invitational Correspondence Tournament; Osbun; $19.90; Many of the games are full of twists and turns and excitement with good explanations by IM Osbun. This book is sure to be seen as a significant addition to postal chess documentation
First Steps in Chess; Walker; $13.45; .
Fischer World Champion!; Euwe; $21.55; This book conveys the full drama of the Fischer-Spassky clash, both on and off the board.
Fischer!; Fishbein; $13.46; .
Five Crowns/1990 K-K Match; Seirawan; $17.96; .
Flank Openings; Carlier; $7.16; .
Flohr-Mikenas (A18-A19); Konikowski; $12.60; .
Four Gambits to Beat the French; Harding; $20.25; .
Four Knights; Pinski; $17.95; The Four Knights has the distinction of being one of the oldest openings in the history of chess. In a king's pawn opening, both players bring out their knights before contemplating futher development.
Franco-Benoni Defense; Soltis; $14.85; .
Frank Marshall, U.S. Chess Champion; Soltis; $38.25; .
French Classical; Jacobs; $7.16; .
French Classical; Jacobs; $17.95; .
French Classical Vol.2; Lalic; $8.06; .
French Def: New & Forgotten Ideas; Minev; $17.95; .
French Defence/Classical System; Gufeld/Stetsko; $17.55; .
French Defense: Tarrasch Variation; Winters; $0.60; .
French Tarrasch Vol 1; Martin; $7.16; .
French Tarrasch Vol.2; Lalic; $8.06; .
French Winawer; McDonald; $17.95; The highly fashionable French Winawer remains the sharpest variation of the French Defence. It leads to the kind of dynamic positions in which the better prepared and more aggressive player will invariably prevail.
French Winawer Vol.1; Mcdonald; $7.16; .
French Winawer Vol.2; Kovacevic; $8.06; .
French Winawer: Poisoned Pawn Var; Schiller; $5.85; .
From Beginner to Expert in 40 Lessons; Kostyev / Speelman; $15.25; A complete course in 40 parts, which can either form the curriculum for a school club or be used by adults for self-instruction.
From the Opening into the Endgame; Mednis; $16.16; .
Fruits From My Chess Garden; Proskurowsky; $5.40; .
Fundamental Chess Endings; Muller & Lamprecht; $26.95; A new endgame encyclopedia for the 21st century.
G3 Grunfeld; Martin; $7.16; .
G3 Grunfeld Vol 2; Cummings; $8.06; .
Gambit Guide to the Benko Gambit; Pederson; $20.25; .
Gambit Guide to the Bogo-Indian; Pederson; $17.96; .
Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni; Watson; $20.65; .
Gambit Guide to the Torre Attack; Burgess; $20.66; .
Gambit Opening Repertoire for Black; Schiller; $13.46; For players that like exciting no-holds-barred chess, this versatile gambit repertoire shows Black how to take charge with aggressive attacking defenses against any orthodox White opening move,1.e4, 1.d4 and 1.c4. Learn the Scandinavian Gambit against
Gambit Opening Repertoire for White; Schiller; $13.46; Players who enjoy attacking from the very first move are rewarded here with a powerful repertoire of gambits. Starting with 1.e4 or 1.d4 and using sharp weapons such as the Göring Gambit, Halasz Gambit, Alapin Gambit, Ulysses Gambit, Short Attack and
Gambits; Burgess; $10.76; .
Gambits; Estrin; $5.40; .
Gambits in the Slav; Silman; $8.06; .
Game of Chess (Manual), Dover; Tarrasch; $8.96; .
Game of Chess/New Algebraic Ed; Tarrasch; $16.16; This is Tarrasch's all-time classic treatise. Covers every facet of the game. A must for novice through class A players! Nearly 500 diagrams.
Games of Victor Kupreichik; Mccormick; $5.40; .
Garry Kasparov's Chess Challenge; Kasparov; $13.46; .
Gary Kasparov's Chess Puzzle Book; Kasparov; $11.66; .
Gata Kamsky/Chess Genius; Gordon; $14.85; .
Genius in Chess; Levitt; $17.55; .
GM-RAM Essential GM Chess Knowledge; Ziyatdinov; $17.05; .
Goring Gambit Accepted & Declined; Smith/Hall; $14.85; .
Goring Gambit in the Scottish Game; Cimmino; $12.60; .
Grand Prix Attack; Lane; $20.66; .
Grand Prix Attack: 2 f4/2nd Ed.; Smith/Hall; $14.85; .
Grand Strategy 60 Games by Boris Spassky; Van Reek; $20.65; Spassky's games provide rich material for understanding methods of attack in the center or on the flank, and encirclement, as well as the prophylactic plans:...
Grandmaster at Work - Kotovs Autobiography; Kotov; $15.26; .
Grandmaster Chess; Flear; $16.16; .
Grandmaster Secrets: Endings; Soltis; $22.50; .
Grandmaster Secrets: Openings; Soltis; $22.50; One of the most valuable opening manuals by a premier author.
Great Evans Gambit Debate; Rohde; $14.36; .
Great Short Games of Chess Masters; Reinfeld; $7.16; .
Grob's Attack 1.g4!; Wall; $5.40; .
Gruenfeld Defense; Shamkovich; $17.96; What to play against 1.d4? GM Shamkovich presents the first complete Gruenfeld book in many years.
Gruenfeld Defense/Russian Variation; Schiller; $5.85; .
Grunfeld Defence; Davies; $17.95; In this book, grandmaster and renowned chess teacher Nigel Davies explains the key ideas and tactics for both White and Black.
Grunfeld Exchange; Tisdall; $7.16; .
Grunfeld for the Attacking Player; Lalic; $20.25; .
Grunfeld Indian Exchange Var D85; S1 Editrice; $15.75; .
Guide to Chess; Pein; $12.60; .
Guide to Chess Endings; Euwe; $6.26; .
H.O.T. Chess; Motwani; $19.75; .
Hanging Pawns; Mikhalchishin; $17.96; .
Hastings 1895, The Centennial Ed.; Pickard; $17.06; .
Hastings 1932-1939; Lahde; $16.16; .
Hastings 1936/37; Brandreth; $8.10; .
Hedgehog; Suba; $20.65; It is no accident that the dynamic Hedgehog formation has appealed to some of the most aggressive and interesting players on the tournament circuit, including Garry Kasparov himself.
Hedgehog System Against the English Opening; Palkovi; $13.05; .
Henning-Schara Gambit; Smith/Hall; $13.95; .
Henrique Mecking/Latin Chess Genius; Gordon; $16.16; .
History of Tennessee Chess; Lahde; $10.80; .
How Good is your Chess?; Barden; $4.46; .
How Karpov Wins; Mednis; $15.25; .
How Not to Play Chess; Znosko-Borovsk; $5.05; .
How Purdy Won; Purdy; $16.20; .
How to Attack in Chess; Lane; $13.46; .
How to be a Winner at Chess; Reinfeld; $9.00; .
How to Be Lucky in Chess; David LeMoir; $16.15; A practical guide in encouraging your opponents to self destruct.
How to Beat Bobby Fischer; Mednis; $7.16; .
How to Beat Your Dad at Chess; Chandler; $13.46; .
How to Become a Candidate Master; Dunne; $17.06; .
How to Become a Deadly Chess Tactician; LeMoir; $17.95; LeMoir shows that the key factors in becoming a deadly tactician are motivation, imagination, and calculation:
How to Build Your Chess Opening Repertoire; Giddins; $17.95; tackles questions such as: whether to play main lines, offbeat openings or ‘universal’ systems,how to avoid being ‘move-ordered’,how to use computers,if and when to depart from or change your repertoire.
How to Defeat a Superior Opponent; Mednis; $13.46; .
How to Defeat the Smith-Morra; Taylor; $8.06; .
How to Defend in Chess; Crouch; $17.96; .
How to Force Checkmate; Reinfeld; $3.56; .
How to Get Better at Chess: Masters; Evans/Silman; $16.16; .
How to Improve Your Chess; Horowitz; $10.80; .
How to Play Black Against the Staunton Gambit; Schiller; $14.85; .
How to Play Chess: 101 Questions/Answers; Wilson; $1.80; .
How to Play Fischer Attk in Najdorf; Schiller; $13.95; .
How to Play Good Opening Moves; Mednis; $9.00; .
How to Play the Albin Countergambit; Schiller; $6.26; .
How to Play the Belgrade Gambit; Schiller; $14.85; .
How to Play the Chess Endings; Znosko-Borovsk; $6.26; .
How to Play the Chess Openings; Znosko-Borovsk; $5.36; .
How to Play the Chigorin Defense; Schiller; $7.16; .
How to Play the Dilworth Attack; Schiller; $8.96; .
How to Play the From Gambit; Schiller; $7.16; .
How to Play the Goring Gambit; Schiller; $8.96; .
How to Play the King's Indian Attck; Schiller; $6.26; .
How to Play the Middlegame in Chess; Littlewood; $21.56; A classic and popular text, How to Play the Middle Game in Chess has been completely revised and updated, using examples from contemporary chess play
How To Play The Opening In Chess; Keene/Levy; $18.86; .
How to Play the Queens Indian; Schiller; $5.85; .
How to Play the Reti; Schiller; $5.85; .
How to Play the Scotch Gambit; Schiller; $8.06; .
How to Play the Torre Attack/2nd Ed; Schiller; $15.75; .
How to Reassess Your Chess; Silman; $16.16; .
How to Solve Chess Problems; Howard; $7.16; .
How to Think in Chess; Przewoznik; $22.45; .
How to Win at Chess; King; $11.66; .
How To Win At Chess; Keene; $13.50; .
How to Win in the Chess Openings; Horowitz; $9.90; .
How to Win Quickly at Chess; Donaldson; $13.46; .
Hugh Blandford, Published Works & Notebooks; Roycroft; $11.66; All chessplayers have favoutie studies. Here is a chance not just to add to them, but to do so from the oeuvre of a talented British composer.
Human Comedy of Chess; Hans Ree; $22.45; .
Hypermodern Chess; Reinfeld; $6.26; .
Hypermodern Opening Repertoire for White; Schiller; $15.25; Instead of placing pawns in the center of the board as traditional openings advise, this complete opening repertoire for White shows you how to stun opponents by "allowing" Black to occupy the center with its pawns, while building a crushing phalanx...
Hypermodern Strategy; Van Reek; $14.85; .
I Play Against Pieces; Gligoric; $20.65; For the first time in English, more than 100 of the best games of Yugoslav grandmaster Svetozar Gligoric, once rated the strongest European chess player outside Russia.
ICON/KID Bayonet Attack; Donaldson; $13.46; .
Ideas Behind Modern Chess Openings; Lane; $19.75; A repertoire of easy-to-learn openings based on Garry Kasparov's favorite move 1 d4, which is a good way to play and win.
Ideas Behind the Chess Openings; Fine; $12.60; Reuben Fine, International Grandmaster. Not a list of moves, but a simple and logical explanation of opening systems.
Immortal Games of Capablanca; Reinfeld; $7.16; .
Improve Your Chess Now; Tisdall; $17.96; .
Improve Your Chess/372 Positions; Gillam; $5.40; .
Improve Your Endgame Play!; Flear; $13.45; GM Flear explains the fundamental principles which must be mastered. Taking examples from his own games and those of other players, he shows how drawn positions can be converted into victories and lost positions saved at the last moment.
Improve Your Endgame!; Schiller; $8.06; .
Improve Your Middlegame Play!; Kinsman; $13.45; This book uses examples from practical play to develop tactical and positional skills and awareness to enable you to make the most of your opportunities in the middlegame.
Improve Your Opening Play; Ward; $13.45; This book deals with every important opening, and focuses on the application of simple principles.
Improving Annotator; Heisman; $8.96; .
In the World of Tactics Vol 1; Lein; $13.46; .
Informant 15; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 16; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 17; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 18; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 19; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 20; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 21; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 22; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 23; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 24; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 25; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 26; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 27; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 30; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 31; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 32; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 33; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 35; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 36; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 37; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 38; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 39; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 40; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 41; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 42; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 43; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 44; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 45; Informant; $20.70; .
Informant 50; Informant; $26.10; .
Informant 51; Informant; $26.10; .
Informant 52; Informant; $26.10; .
Informant 53; Informant; $26.10; .
Informant 54; Informant; $26.10; .
Informant 55; Informant; $28.80; .
Informant 56; Informant; $28.80; .
Informant 57; Informant; $28.80; .
Informant 58; Informant; $28.80; .
Informant 63; Informant; $28.80; .
Informant 64; Informant; $32.40; .
Informant 65; Informant; $32.40; .
Informant 68; Informant; $32.40; .
Informant 72; Informant; $32.40; .
Informant 73; Informant; $32.40; .
Informant 74; Informant; $32.40; .
Informant 76; Informant; $32.40; .
Informant 77; Informant; $32.40; .
Informant 79; Informant; $32.40; .
Informant 80; Informant; $32.40; .
Informant 81; Informant; $32.40; .
Informant 82; Informant; $32.40; .
Informant 83; Informant; $32.40; .
Informant 84; ; $32.40; .
Informant 85; ; $32.40; .
Inner Game of Chess; Soltis; $13.50; .
Inside Chess Openings; Gufeld; $17.96; .
Inside Chess Openings; Gufeld; $26.96; .
Instructive Moden Chess Masterpieces; Stohl; $22.45; Deepen your understanding of chess by studying 50 sensational games.
Introduction to Chess; Taulbut; $16.16; .
Introduction to Chess Moves/Tactics; Barden; $3.56; .
Invitation to Chess; Chernev; $9.00; .
It's Your Move; Ward; $17.95; In this highly original and instructive test-yourself book, author Chris Ward presents readers with a wide selection of puzzles to solve.
It's Your Move - Improvers 50 Puzzles; Ward; $17.05; In this highly original and instructive test yourself book, grandmaster Chris Ward invites readers to solve a selection of carefully chosen puzzles.
Italian Game (Two Knights Def.); Tiechbierek; $7.16; .
Janowski-Indian Defence; Schiller; $5.40; .
Jewish Chess Masters on Stamps; Berkovich; $36.00; .
John Nunn - 1424 Selected Games; Lindsay; $14.40; .
John Nunn's Best Games; Nunn; $26.05; .
John Nunn's Chess Puzzle Book; Nunn; $16.16; .
Jon Speelman's Best Games; Speelman; $21.56; .
Josh Waitzkin's Attacking Chess; Waitzkin; $10.80; .
Journal of a Chess Original; Gerzadowicz; $17.96; .
Joy of Mate; Brieger; $3.60; .
Judgment and Planning in Chess; Euwe; $11.70; A classic book about chess strategy by a world champion.
Just the Facts!; Alburt; $24.25; .
Karpov's Endgame Arsenal!; Karpov; $19.76; .
Kasparov v Deep Blue; Newborn; $26.96; .
Kasparov v Deeper Blue; King; $13.46; .
Kasparov vs Anand, Inside Story; Wolff; $18.00; .
Kasparov-Short 1993 World Champions; Keene; $10.76; .
Keene on Chess; Keene; $17.96; .
Khalifman: Life and Games; Nesis; $22.46; An inside account of Khalifman's life and chess career, from his emergence as promising junior to World champion. This is the first major biography of the 2000 FIDE champion.
KID/Samisch Var (E80-E89); S1 Editrice; $20.66; .
King & Pawn Endings; Fishbein; $15.26; .
King in Jeopardy - 2nd Revised Edition; Alburt; $17.95; .
King in the Endgame; Mednis; $8.06; .
King's Gambit as White; Raingruber; $20.66; .
King's Gambit Vol.2; Gallagher; $8.06; .
King's Indian 6.Be2 Vol 3; Flear; $8.06; .
King's Indian Attack; Henley; $9.86; .
King's Indian Def., 6....Nc6; Watson; $5.40; .
King's Indian Def: Averbakh Var.; Petursson; $19.76; .
King's Indian Defense/Yugoslav Var; Soltis; $14.85; .
King's Indian for Attacking Player; Burgess; $17.96; .
King's Indian Four Pawns Attack (A66-A69); S1 Editrice; $13.46; .
King's Indian Samisch E83,E84; Fide; $13.46; .
King's Indian Samisch Vol.1; Martin; $7.16; .
King-Hunt; Nunn/Cozens; $19.80; .
Kings Indian & Grunfeld Fianchetto Lines; Janjgava; $20.65; This book covers the theory of the fianchetto lines of the King’s Indian and Grunfeld in objective fashion, providing everything White needs to know to meet these two important openings while also equipping Black with.
Kings Indian Defence: Mar Del Plata Variation; Gligoric; $17.95; Gligoric presents not only up-to-date theory and illustrative games, but also his own fascinating narrative on the evolution, development and survival of
Kings, Commoners, and Knaves; Winter; $26.95; .
Kramnik: Life & Games; Damsky & Kramnik; $22.46; This book, Kramnik's first, describes his life and chess career, beginning with his unusual childhood. It features more than 50 of his best games, deeply annotated, plus numerous additional games and extracts, including some from quickplay and blindfold.
Labourdonnais System/Sicilian (B32); S1 Editrice; $17.06; .
Larsen's Opening; Wall; $5.40; .
Lasker's Combination; Charushin; $14.36; .
Lasker's Defense to Queen's Gambit; Soltis; $13.95; .
Laskers Manual of Chess; Lasker; $9.85; .
Latvian Gambit; Pickard; $16.16; A complete analysis of the Latvian Gambit (1.e4 e5 2. Nf3 f5). This is the first Grandmaster view of this opening since the work of Paul Keres fifty year ago.
Latvian Gambit; Kosten; $18.00; .
Latvian Gambit Lives; Kosten; $20.65; .
Latvian Gambit Made Easy; Grivainis; $5.40; .
LDL Sicilian; Dunne; $4.50; .
Learn Chess from the Greats; Tamburo; $7.15; Beginning students of the game as well as veterans of the board will find this chess guide offers a wealth of inspiration, enjoyment, and practical chess advice.
Learn Chess in a Weekend; Whyld; $14.40; .
Learn Chess With Gary Kasparov; Kasparov; $17.95; .
Learn from the Grandmasters; Keene; $17.95; .
Learn from Your Chess Mistakes; Baker; $19.75; There is no better way to improve than by analyzing your lost games, finding out what went wrong, and learning exactly how to avoid the same mistakes in the future.
Learn to Attack w/Rudolf Spielmann; Schiller; $8.96; .
Leningrad Dutch; Devault; $15.75; .
Leningrad Dutch; Tisdall; $8.06; .
Leningrad Dutch; Ehlvest; $16.16; Clear explanation of the key ideas
Concentrates on dynamic new variations
Ideal choice for attack-minded players

Leningrad Dutch/Strategy & Tactics; Hall/Cartier; $15.26; Complete analysis of this ever more popular opening system. All major systems covered along with equalizing lines against for the formerly dreaded Staunton Gambit. Many recent games.
Leonid Stein, Master of Risk Strategy; Gufeld; $24.25; .
Lessons with the Masters; Evans/Smith; $13.46; .
Lev Alburt Library - 10 Titles; Alburt; $199.95; Enhance your library with this selection of 10 titles by Lev Alburt! Starting with the basics in his two volume Comprehensive Chess Course through advanced levels in following books, this interesting series covers a broad range of chess concepts.
Life & Crimes of Norman T. Whittaker; Hilbert; $43.20; .
Life and Games of Carlos Torre; Velasco; $22.45; .
Life and Games of Mikhail Tal; Tal; $22.46; .
Life Maps of the Great Chess Masters; Divinsky; $42.26; .
Linares! Journey into the Heart of Chess; Geuzendam; $16.15; .
Lisitsin Gambit; Gordon; $12.15; .
Logical Approach to Chess; Euwe; $6.26; .
Logical Chess - Move by Move; Chernev; $20.66; Having learnt the basic moves, how exactly should a player improve? In this much loved classic, Irving Chernev explains 33 complete games in detail, telling the reader the reason for every move.
London System Vol. 2; Flear; $8.06; .
Macho Grobnik; Belke; $8.96; .
Magic of Mikhail Tal; Gallagher; $22.46; In this book GM Joe Gallagher takes a fresh look at Tal's games and career, focusing on the previously neglected period from 1975 to 1992 duing which he played some of his most accomplished chess.
Main Line Caro Kann; McDonald; $17.95; An up-to-date survery of the always popular Main Line Caro-Kann, which remains one of the most dependable ways for Black to meet 1.e4, and which plays a key role in the repertoires of such stars as Anatoly Karov and Jon Speelman.
Main Line Kings Indian; Nunn/Burgess; $26.10; .
Man v Machine/Kasparov v Deep Blue; Goodman/Keene; $16.16; .
Manual of Chess Combinations Vol 1; Ivashchencko; $17.95; This book is designed for teaching children, either in a classroom or at home. It is an extensive manual beginning with the basics. This edition is based upon a textbook published in the 80's in the Soviet Union.
Manual of Chess Combinations Vol 2; Ivashchenko; $17.95; This second part of the manual includes combinations that have occurred in games by well-known players, including outstanding masters of the past and the present.
Marshall Attack; Lalic; $17.95; Renowned chess theoretician and Grandmaster Bogdan Lalic reveals the secrets of the Marshall Attack, one of the most popular and controversial openings in the history of chess
Marshall Attack Made Easy; Elberg; $5.85; .
Master Checkmate Strategy; Robertie; $8.96; Learn the basic combinations, plus advanced, surprising and unconventional mates, the most effective pieces needed to win, and how to mate opponents with just a pawn advantage. Also, how to work two rooks into an unstoppable attack,how to wield a queen
Mastering Chess Tactics; McDonald; $19.75; Chessplayers must continually be alert to tactics as they effectively decide the outcome of all games.
Mastering Chess: A Course in 21 Lessons; Chandler; $16.16; .
Mastering Rook vs. Minor Pieces; Mikhalchishin; $17.96; .
Mastering Tactical Ideas; Minev; $17.95; For over fifty years, International Master, Dr. Nikolay Minev has been playing, researching, writing, lecturing and teaching chess. In this the first in a two volume series, Mastering Tactical Ideas, we have a compilation of his best, award winning...
Mastering the Bishop Pair; Burilia; $17.96; .
Mastering the Chess Openings; Grefe; $7.16; .
Mastering the Endgame; Flear; $17.95; In this ideal book for dealing with one of the most difficult phases of the game, Grandmaster Glenn Flear develops ideas first outlined in his earlier book Improve Your Endgame Play.
Mastering the Middlegame; Dunnington; $17.95; The middlegame can prove to be a minefield for many players, throwing up numerous difficult questions.
Mastering the Nimzo-Indian; Kosten; $17.96; .
Mastering the Opening; Jacobs; $17.95; The opening phase of the game throws up difficult questions for those keen to study and improve their chess.
Mastering the Sicilian; Kopec; $21.56; .
Mastering the Spanish; King; $20.66; .
Masterpieces of Attack; Velasco; $17.96; .
Mathematics and Chess; Petkovic; $5.36; Here is a splendid collection of almost 100 puzzles, some adapted and some original with the author, all built around some form of the chessboard, generally the well-known 8x8 version.
Max Euwe, The Biography; Munninghoff; $26.95; This magnificent book, filling a gap in the literature of chess, shows that Euwe’s world title was the result of his iron will, his methodical drive and his energetic handling of all aspects of the game.
Max Lange Attack and Anti-Max Lange; Smith/Hall; $14.85; .
Meet the Masters/Interviews/Article; Forbes; $17.96; .
Meeting 1.d4; Aagaard; $17.95; .
Meeting 1.e4; Raetsky; $17.95; .
Mensa Guide to Chess; Hochberg; $11.65; Learn how to win at chess in just 30 days. This book is highly recommended for adults. It moves right along through the most pertinent material giving one an overall understanding of the game while dealing with the important aspects concisely and methodically.
Meran Defense; Donaldson; $6.26; .
Meran System; Pederson; $19.76; .
Middle Game in Chess; Znosko-Borovsk; $7.15; .
Middlegame - Book One; Euwe; $17.96; World Champion Euwe's famous 1964 classic, re-edited and converted to algebraic notation. Highlights static features of the middlegames.
Middlegame - Book Two; Euwe; $17.96; World Champion Euwe's famous 1965 classic, re-edited and converted to algebraic notation. Highlights dynamic features and shows personal styles of many top players.
Middlegame Artistry Volume 3; Furst; $17.96; .
Middlegame Strategy w/Carlsbad Pawn; Leininger; $15.75; .
Mikhail Botvinnik Games 1 1924-1948; Soloviev; $26.95; This book contains 573 annotated games. It is devoted to the heritage of the sixth World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik. His name is synonamous with a whole age when the Soviet chess school was prevailing in the world.
Mikhail Botvinnik Games Vol 2 1951-1970; Khalifman; $35.05; .
Mikhail Chigorin - First Russian GM; Khalifman; $31.50; This book of "Chess Stars" series presents to readers the Russian chess genius - Mikhail Chigorin. During his chess career from 1874 till 1907, he was the best Russian player and in the period from 1883 till 1903 he was one of the strongest players in the
Mikhail Tal Games 1949-1962; Soloviev; $27.00; .
Mikhail Tal Games 1963-1972; Soloviev; $27.00; .
Mikhail Tal Games 1973-1981; Soloviev; $27.00; .
Mikhail Tal Games 1982-1992; Soloviev; $27.00; .
Milan Momic: Alabama's 1st Master; Edwards; $4.46; .
Mini-Ultimate Scorebook - 50 Games; ACE; $2.25; .
Mitrofanov's Deflection; Charushin; $12.15; .
Modern ...c6; Norwood; $7.16; .
Modern Art of Attack; Smith/Hall; $12.56; .
Modern Benoni; Kinsman; $17.95; The dynamic Modern Benoni Defence has undergone something of a revival over the past five or six years. It offers Black a fighting game right from the opening, and is ideal for counterattacking players who like to strive for the initiative right from...
Modern Benoni Vol.1; Norwood; $7.16; .
Modern Benoni Vol.2; Norwood; $7.16; .
Modern Benoni Vol.3; Ward; $8.06; .
Modern Chess Instructor; Steinitz; $22.50; .
Modern Chess Lessons; Tangborn; $13.95; .
Modern Chess Miniatures; Mcdonald; $13.46; .
Modern Chess Opening 14th Ed; Korn/Defermian; $27.00; .
Modern Chess Opening 14th Ed; Korn/Defermian; $35.55; .
Modern Chess Self-Tutor; Bronstein; $16.16; A conversational discussion on how to think in chess... how to decide on your moves.
Modern Chess Strategy; Pachman; $7.16; .
Modern Chess Strategy; Lasker; $11.70; .
Modern Defence; McDonald; $17.95; The Modern Defence leads to sharp and dynamic positions from the very first moves. Black concedes space in the center with a view to launching a counter-attack based on his powerful bishop finachetto. When it works, the Modern Defence is truly a
Modern Defense; Smith/Hall; $14.85; .
Modern French Tarrasch; Gufeld; $17.96; .
Modern Kings Indian Attack; Hall/Cartier; $15.26; .
Modern Middlegame Lessons; Evans; $15.75; .
Modern Postal Masterpieces; Dunne; $15.26; .
Modern Stonewall Dutch 6....Bd6; Schiller; $5.85; .
More Basic Chess Openings; Kallai; $17.96; .
More Chess Openings: Traps and Zaps; Pandolfini; $10.80; .
More Chessercizes/Checkmate!; Pandolfini; $11.70; .
Morphys Games of Chess; Sergeant; $8.06; .
Moscow 1935; Adams; $40.50; One of the very best tournament books ever published in English. Includes a long review of the strongest previous tournaments held in the Soviet Union along with a survery of the tournament, its development, and its opening theory.
Most Amazing Chess Moves of all Time; Emms; $17.95; .
Most Instructive Games of Chess; Chernev; $7.16; .
Most Instructive Games of the Young Grandmasters; Motwani; $17.96; .
Multiple Choice Chess II; Buckley; $17.95; Are you realising your chess potential? Are you performing to the best of your capabilities? Find out in this book! Using instructive chess games, International Master Graeme Buckley repeatedly poses the question What would you do here?
My 300 Best Games - Karpov; Karpov; $31.50; Nicely-produced collection of 300 games of 12th world champion has notes in Informator-style. Author has selected his best games for 30 years, from 1966 till 1996. Also, there are small sections of combinations and endgame positions, Index of Opponents
My Best Games 1952-2000, Vol 1: White; Kortchnoi; $26.95; This first volume of My Best Games presents Kortchnoi's best games with White, which are particularly noteworthy for his original methods of fighting for the initiative.
My Best Games 1952-2000, Vol 2: Black; Kortchnoi; $26.95; GM Victor Korchnoi presents fifty of his best games with Black, with which he has always excelled as a determined defender, ready, when the opportunity presents itself, to switch to counterattack.
My Chess Career; Capablanca; $7.16; .
My Chess Career, Expanded Edition; Capablanca; $14.36; .
My Great Predecessors, Part 1; Kasparov; $31.50; Garry Kasparov analyzes the style and play of the first four recognized champions: Wilhelm Steinitz (1886-1894), Emanuel Lasker (1894-1921), Jose Capablanca (1921-1927) and Alexander Alekhine (1927-1935 and 1937-1946).
My Great Predecessors, Part 2; Kasparov; $24.95; This magnificent compilation of chess from the mid-20th century forms the basis of the second part of Garry Kasparov's long-awaited definitive history of the World Chess Championship.
My Love Affair with Tchigorin; Santasiere; $14.85; .
My System - New Algebraic Edition; Nimzowitsch; $15.75; .
Napier: The Forgotten Chessmaster; Hilbert; $34.20; .
Neo-Sveshnikov; Silman; $7.16; .
New Classical King''s Indian; Nunn/Burgess; $24.26; .
New Ideas in Chess; Evans; $5.36; .
New Ideas in Old Settings; Goldman; $5.36; .
New Ideas in Sveshnikov Sicilian; Neverov; $19.80; .
New Ideas in the Alekhine Defence; Burgess; $16.16; .
New Ideas In The Four Knights; Nunn; $15.26; .
New Ideas in the Nimzo-Indian Def.; Kosten; $20.66; .
New Ideas in the Pirc Defense; Nunn; $15.26; .
New Ideas in the Queens Gambit Accepted; Flear; $17.96; .
New Sicilian Gambits; Soltis; $14.85; .
New York 1936: First Modern US Chess Championships; Hilbert; $16.65; .
New York 1940; Hilbert; $33.30; John Hilbert, Yorklyn, 2002, A first-rate tournament book for a strong US Championship in which Reshevsky just edged out Fine by 1/2 point.
New York 1985: Manhattan Chess Club; Taylor; $5.40; .
Nezhmetdinovs Best Games of Chess; Nezhmetdinov; $22.50; Although Rashid Nezhmetdinov (1912-1974) was not widely known in the West, his games have a great reputation among connoisseurs of attacking play. Among his many distinctions in chess are his score of six wins, nine draws....
NIC Yearbook 56; ; $32.40; .
NIC Yearbook 57; ; $32.40; .
NIC Yearbook 58; ; $32.40; .
NIC Yearbook 59; ; $32.40; .
NIC Yearbook 60; ; $29.70; .
NIC Yearbook 61; ; $29.70; .
NIC Yearbook 66; ; $29.65; .
NIC Yearbook 67; ; $29.70; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 26; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 27; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 28; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 29; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 30; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 31; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 32; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 33; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 33 Paperback; New in Chess; $22.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 34; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 34 Paperback; New in Chess; $22.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 35; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 35 Paperback; New in Chess; $22.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 36; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 36 Paperback; New in Chess; $22.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 37; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 37 Paperback; New in Chess; $22.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 38; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 38 Paperback; New in Chess; $22.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 39; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 39 Paperback; New in Chess; $22.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 40; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 40 Paperback; New in Chess; $22.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 41; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 42; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 43; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 43 Paperback; New in Chess; $22.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 44; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 44 Paperback; New in Chess; $22.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 45; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 45 Paperback; New in Chess; $22.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 46; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 47; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 48; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 49; New In Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 51; New in Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 52; New in Chess; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 53; ; $31.50; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 54; ; $32.40; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 55; ; $32.40; .
NIC Yearbook Vol 68; ; $29.65; .
Nigel Short's 12 Best Games; Keene; $13.46; .
Nigel Short/World Chess Challenger; Keene; $15.26; .
Nigel Short: Quest for the Crown; Forbes; $14.36; .
Nimzo-Indian 4.Qc2/Classical Var.; Dlugy; $13.46; .
Nimzo-Indian Capablanca Var E32-E39; S1 Editrice; $17.96; .
Nimzo-Indian Defence Vol 2; Lalic; $8.06; .
Nimzo-Indian Defence: Classical Var; Sokolov; $17.96; .
Nimzo-Indian Kasparov Variation; Ward; $17.95; The dynamic 4.Nf3 as popularised by Garry Kasparov. The Nimzo-Indian Defence is certainly one of Black's most respectable way of meeting 1.d4,it's popular at all levels of chess
Nimzo-Larsen Attack; Jacobs; $17.95; The Nimzo-Larsen Attack (1 b3) enables White to take his opponent out of his stride from the very first move. This guide explains the basic elements, strategies and tactics for both sides.
Nimzovich Attack Norfolk Gambits; Bloodgood; $13.95; .
Nimzovich Defense to 1.e4; Myers; $14.40; .
Noteboom Variation; Soltis; $12.15; .
Notes of a Soviet Master; Cafferty; $21.60; .
Novi Sad 1990/29th Chess Olympiad; Ftacnik; $13.46; .
Nunn's Chess Openings; Nunn; $26.96; .
Nuremberg 1896; Tarrasch; $40.50; .
Offbeat Sicilian; Grefe; $5.40; .
Offbeat Spanish; Flear; $17.95; Deciding what to play against the Spanish Game (Ruy Lopez) is a perennial problem for those who play "open games" as Black. It's all too easy to play too passively and end up having to face the "Spanish Torture".
Official Rules of Chess 4th Ed; USCF; $8.50; .
Official Rules of Chess, 5th Ed.; USCF; $17.05; This comprehensive rulebook is designed to be a useful reference for all chess players, especially tournament directors and chess club teachers.
On Top of the Chess World; Christiansen; $13.46; .
One Hundred Selected Games; Botvinnik; $9.85; .
Open Ruy Lopez; Flear; $17.95; The Open Ruy Lopez (also known as the Open Spanish) has always been a popular choice both at club level and at grandmaster level, where it has withstood the test of time after decades of close scrutiny. It offers both sides the opporunity for a sharp
Open Spanish; Krasenkov; $17.96; .
Opening Ideas & Analysis for Adv II; Soltis; $15.75; .
Opening Preparation; Dvoretsky; $23.35; .
Opening Repertoire - Positional Player; Gufeld; $17.96; .
Opening Repertoire for Black (2nd); Marovic; $10.76; .
Opening Repertoire for the Attacking Player; Gufeld; $16.16; .
Opening Repertoire For White; Keene/Jacobs; $15.30; .
Orangutan, 1.b4; Wall; $5.40; .
Owen's Defense 1....b6; Wall; $5.40; .
Pandolfini's Chess Complete; Pandolfini; $14.85; .
Pandolfinis Endgame Course; Pandolfini; $11.70; .
Panov Attack I; Schiller; $8.06; .
Panov Attack II; Schiller; $8.06; .
Panov Attack III; Schiller; $10.76; .
Paul Kere's Best Games Vol 1 Closed; Varnusz; $17.96; .
Paul Keres: Photographs and Games; Olde; $35.96; .
Paul Keres: Quest For Perfection; Keres/Nunn; $21.56; .
Paul Keres: Road To The Top; Keres; $21.56; .
Paul Morphy - Evolution of Theory; Shibut; $31.50; .
Pawn Artistry Volume 4; Furst; $17.96; .
Pawn Power in Chess (Reprinted); Kmoch; $8.06; .
Pawn Power in Chess - Algebraic; Kmoch; $16.16; .
Pawn Structure Chess - Algebraic; Soltis; $12.60; .
Persona Non Grata; Kortchnoi; $8.06; .
Petroff Defense; Forintos; $15.26; .
Petroff Defense; Yusupov; $26.95; The most complete analysis of the Petroff Defense ever published, combining an encyclopedic coverage of variations with 244 training exercises and several deeply annotated games.
Petroff Defense Vol.1; Chandler; $7.16; .
Petroff Defense/Cochrane Gambit; Lutes; $13.46; .
Petroff Vol 3; Sindik; $8.06; .
Petroff Vol.2; Wade; $7.16; .
Petrosian the Powerful; Soltis; $13.46; Of history's great players, Tigran Petrosian is unique. A short biography of Petrosian combined with 30 of his games annotated by Ken Smith.
Philidor; Kosten; $8.06; .
Philidor Countergambit; West; $5.85; .
Pillsbury the Extraordinary; Soltis; $13.46; .
Pirc Alert; Alburt; $31.46; .
Pirc Defence Czech Var 3...c6 (B07); S1 Editrice; $14.63; .
Play Like a Grandmaster; Kotov; $22.46; .
Play the Benko Gambit; Ravikumar; $17.96; .
Play the Classical Dutch; Williams; $17.05; In this book, one of the most enthusiastic adherents of the Classical Dutch explains the workings of his favorite opening, and provides Black with a complete repertoire against 1 d4
Play the Dutch Against 1 c4 and 1 N; Devault; $14.85; .
Play the Evans Gambit; Harding/Cafferty; $19.76; .
Play the French 2nd Ed; Watson; $19.35; .
Play the French 3rd Ed; Watson; $22.45; Once again this is a fully revised edition of John Watson's classic Play the French, providing Black with a complete repertoire in the French Defence, one of the most strategically and dynamically complex opening systems.
Play the Game: Chess; Filtness; $8.06; .
Play the Najdorf: Scheveningen Style; Emms; $17.95; In this book, GM and opening expert John Emms produces a comprehensive but workable black repertoire in the Najdorf Sicilian against all of White's possible options in the Najdorf.
Play the Open Games as Black; Emms; $21.56; GM John Emms, provides no-nonsense answers to such openings as the King's Gambit, Vienna, Scotch, Four Knights, Italian Game, Bishop's Opening, and the variety of oddball gambits White can try.
Play Winning Chess - 4th Edition; Seirawan; $13.45; Play Winning Chess is an introduction to the moves, strategies and philosophy of chess, with clear explanations of the games, fundamental and instructive examples, question-and-answer sections, sample games and psychological hints.
Playing Computer Chess; Alburt/Lawrence; $11.65; Don't want to get trounced by a machine? Improve your chess skills and outwit your chess computer! Inside this step-by-step introduction to the guiding principles of computer chess play
Pocket Book of Chess; Keene; $8.06; .
Polish Defense; Kapitaniak; $5.85; .
Popular Chess Variants; Pritchard; $20.65; .
Positional Chess; Taulbut; $17.05; .
Positional Chess Handbook; Gelfer; $8.95; A dramatic sacrifice might seem like the best way to achieve a dazzling, come-from-behind victory,the outcome of most chess matches, however, depends on the participants' positional skills.
Positional Ideas in Chess; Love; $16.16; .
Positional Play; Dvoretsky; $23.35; This is the fourth in the series of phenomenally successful training manuals by the world's leading trainer and his star pupil.
Positional Sacrifices; Mcdonald; $14.36; .
Power Chess Program: Book 1; Davies; $21.55; .
Power Chess Program: Book 2; Davies; $22.45; .
Power Mates; Pandolfini; $12.60; .
Practical Bishop Endings; Mednis; $7.16; .
Practical Chess Analysis; Buckley; $17.96; .
Practical Chess Endings; Chernev; $8.06; .
Practical Chess Psychology; Avni; $19.75; Drawing on research findings, strong players' descriptions, as well as the views of the psychologist author, Practical Chess Psychology covers this much-neglected human aspect of chess.
Practical Endgame Play; Mcdonald; $16.16; .
Practical Endgame Tips; Mednis; $17.06; .
Practical Knight Endings; Mednis; $11.66; .
Practical Middlegame Techniques; Kopec; $19.76; .
Practical Middlegame Tips; Mednis; $17.96; .
Practical Rook Endings; Mednis; $5.40; .
Practical Rook Endings; Korchnoi; $18.00; Victor Korchnoi, undoubtedly one of the greatest experts in the field of rook endings, reports in this new book on his own experiences from tournament play.
Puzzle King (Sam Loyd); Pickard; $20.66; .
QGD w/o Tartakower & Anti-Tartakower; Lalic; $8.06; .
Queen's Gambit Accepted; Ward; $20.66; .
Queen's Gambit Accepted; Smith/Hall; $14.85; .
Queen's Gambit Accepted (D20-D29); S1 Editrice; $17.06; .
Queen's Gambit Declined; Sadler; $17.95; .
Queen's Gambit Declined 5. Bf4!; Crouch; $19.75; .
Queen's Gambit Declined/Orthodox; Schiller; $6.26; .
Queen's Gambit Declined: Bg5 Systems; Lalic; $17.96; .
Queen's Gambit Tartakower System; Konikowski; $5.40; .
Queen's Indian Defence; Lalic; $20.66; .
Queen's Indian Petrosion System; Konikowski; $7.16; .
Queen's Indian with 4 g3; Marfia; $3.15; .
Queens Gambit Accepted; Neishtadt; $22.46; .
Queens Indian; Yrjola; $21.55; This book provides detailed coverage and strategic explanation of all lines of the Queen’s Indian, with particular focus on the most critical and topical variations.
Queens Indian Defence; Aagaard; $17.95; .
Queens Indian Defence - Kasparov System; Gurevich; $15.26; .
Questions & Answers on Endgame; Mednis; $7.16; .
Quick Chess Knockouts; Hodgson; $14.36; .
Quickest Chess Victories of All Time; Burgess; $17.96; .
Rapid Chess Improvement - Study Plan; De La Maza; $15.25; This is the ideal book for serious adult players who want to improve.
Rate Your Endgame; Mednis/Crouch; $17.96; .
Reassess Your Chess Workbook; Silman; $17.95; In this comprehensive workbook, IM Jeremy Silman tests a player's strengths and weaknesses with 131 problems that cover openings, tactical and positional middlegames, and endgames
Remember the Maccutcheon; Eade; $6.26; .
Reti Vol 2; Wade; $8.06; .
Richard Retis Best Games; Golombek; $18.86; .
Richter-Rauzer Vol.2; Veingold; $8.06; .
Richter-Veresov: the Chameleon Chess Repertoire; Gufeld/Stetsko; $17.95; .
Road to the Expert Title; Tangborn; $12.15; .
Road to the Master Title; Tangborn; $13.95; focus on what is necessary to become a strong chess player and obtain the title of master
Romantic King's Gambit; Santasiere; $15.75; .
Rubinstein Complex/Nimzo-Indian; Pliester; $22.46; .
Rubinstein Variation - Nimzo Indian; Taylor; $5.40; .
Rubinstein's Chess Masterpieces; Rubinstein; $5.36; .
Rules of Chess, Pro., Schol., Internet; Schiller; $8.95; This is the official new guide to the professional, scholastic, amateur, and internet rules of chess for the new milennium. Players learn everything they need to know about tournaments, rating systems, etiquette for in-person and online play...
Russian for Chessplayers; Russell; $11.66; .
Russian Silhouettes; Sosonko; $21.55; .
Russians vs. Fischer; Plisetsky; $22.45; .
Ruy Lopez Arkhangelsk System (C78); Konikowski; $19.76; .
Ruy Lopez Classical Defense; Leach; $12.56; .
Ruy Lopez/Arkhangelsk System 6..Bb7; Konikowski; $5.40; .
Ryder Gambit Accepted; Schiller; $8.96; .
S*T*A*R Chess; Motwani; $11.25; .
Sam Loyd/His Story & Best Problems; Soltis; $12.15; .
Samuel Reshevsky/1768 Games etc.; Gordon; $58.50; .
San Francisco 1995; Eade; $13.46; .
Scandinavian; Emms; $17.96; .
Scandinavian Def B01; S1 Editrice; $13.95; .
Scandinavian Def/Anderssen Attack; Lutes; $13.46; .
Scandinavian Defence Portuguese Variation; Roush; $7.16; .
Scandinavian Defense: Dynamic 3...Qd6; Melts; $17.95; Every chess player needs a defense to 1.e4, the most popular first move for White. The ideal response is easy-to-learn, unrefuted and surprising. Scandinavian Defense: The Dynamic 3... Qd6 is such a system.
Scandinavian Vol.2; Lalic; $8.06; .
Schlecter's Chess Games; Crain; $22.50; .
Schliemann Defense; Schiller; $8.96; .
Scholastic Scorebook - 50 Games; ; $2.50; This special scholastic player's scorebook allows more room per move line. This may help those who have a hard time writing small enough to keep the standard scorebooks legible. This spiral bound scorebook holds 50 games of 60 moves each.
School of Chess Excellence 1 - Endgame; Dvoretsky; $22.50; Mark Dvoretsky is regarded as the leading chess coach in the world, and the first book in his Scohol of Chess Excellence series is devoted to the endgame.
School of Chess Excellence 2 - Tactical; Dvoretsky; $22.50; In this second book in his School of Chess Excellence series, Mark Dvoretsky looks at combinations and tactical techniques and suggests methods for devloping a player's ability to calculate.
School of Chess Excellence 3 - Strategic; Dvoretsky; $22.50; This third volume in Mark Dvoretsky's course is devoted to questions of strategy, and is aimed at improving the reader's positional understanding.
School of Chess Excellence 4 - Opening; Dvoretsky; $26.95; Mark Dvoretsky's 4th volume in a series of advanced manuals. Compared with the other books in this series, substantially more space is given to the analysis of the opening problems that confront a player in a particular game.
Scotch 4...Qh4/Steinitz Variation; Hall; $13.46; .
Second, Third, Fourth American Chess Congress; MacKenzie; $31.50; This classic work from the 1870's contains the proceedings of the Second, Third, and Fourth American Chess Congresses: Cleveland 1871, Chicago 1874, and Philadelphia 1876.
Secret Weapons; Martin; $17.96; .
Secrets of Chess Intuition; Beliavsky; $17.95; Intuition is central to all chess decision-making, and an understanding of its role is vital in improving one's game. Players who try to calculate everything to a finish often lose themselves in a maze of variations...
Secrets of Grandmaster Chess; Nunn; $24.26; .
Secrets of Minor Piece Endings; Nunn; $24.75; John Nunn and his computer database turn their attention to the intricacies of endings with just knights, bishops and pawns - tricky endings of great practical importance.
Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy; Watson; $22.46; .
Secrets of Pawn Endings; Muller & Lamprecht; $22.46; .
Secrets of Pawnless Endings; Nunn; $24.26; Endgame without pawns occur surprisingly often and are extremely tactical. These endings usually defied attempts at definitive analysis.
Secrets of Positional Chess; Marovic; $21.55; How can one determine if a piece is weak or strong? Or if a square is weak or strong? These are the principal questions that grandmaster and trainer Drazen Marovic addresses in this important book.
Secrets of Practical Chess; Nunn; $17.96; .
Secrets of Rook Endings; Nunn; $24.26; .
Secrets of Rook Endings; Nunn; $17.96; .
Secrets of Spectacular Chess; Levitt; $20.70; .
Secrets of the Kings Indian; Gufeld; $13.45; .
Secrets of the Sicilian Dragon; Schiller; $13.46; The mighty Dragon Variation of the Sicilian Defense is one of the most exciting openings in chess. Everything from opening piece formation to the endgame, including clear explanations of all the key strategic and tactical ideas, is covered in full concept
Semi Slav Meran Vol 2; Lalic; $8.06; .
Semi-Closed Openings In Action; Karpov; $13.46; .
Semi-Slav; Sadler; $17.96; .
Semi-Slav Defence Botvinnik Variation; Konikowski; $13.95; .
Semi-Slav Defense: Non-Meran Variation; Donaldson; $13.46; .
Semi-Slav, Meran; Knaak; $7.16; .
Seven Deadly Chess Sins; Nunn; $22.45; .
Shall We Play Fischerandom?; Gligoric; $17.05; Fischerandom randomly changes starting positions of the pieces before each game.
Sharpen Your Tactics!; Lein; $17.96; 1125 Brilliant Sacrifices, Combinations, and Studies
Shirovs One Hundred Wins; Soloviev; $26.95; This great new book combines the most beautiful of Shirov's games with many interesting materials of his personal and chess life.
Short; Tisdall; $18.86; .
Sicilian Def Najdorf Poisoned Pawn (B97); S1 Editrice; $18.45; .
Sicilian Defence/Velimirovic Attack; Leverett; $5.40; .
Sicilian Defense 5.f3 (B54); S1 Editrice; $13.95; .
Sicilian Defense Najdorf (B98-99); Curtacci; $19.76; .
Sicilian Defense Najdorf Variation; Curtacci; $12.56; .
Sicilian Defense/O'Kelly Variation; Lutes; $13.46; .
Sicilian Defense/Wing Gambit; Kapitaniak; $5.40; .
Sicilian Defense: Last Decade; Minev; $13.46; .
Sicilian Dragon - Yugoslav Attack; Schneider; $25.15; .
Sicilian Dragon Vol 2; Lalic; $8.06; .
Sicilian Dragon, Classical and Levenfish Var; Schneider; $22.46; .
Sicilian Dragon: Classical / Levenfish; Sapi/Schneider; $13.46; .
Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav 9.Bc4; Sapi; $13.46; .
Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav Attack I; Schiller; $5.85; .
Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav Attack II; Schiller; $7.16; .
Sicilian Grand Prix Attack; Plaskett; $17.95; The sharp and dangerous Grand Prix Attack in one of White's most aggressive ways of countering the Sicilian Defence. It leads to very complicated play right from the opening moves, and contains plenty of pitfalls for the unwary Black player.
Sicilian Kalashnikov; Pinski; $17.95; .
Sicilian Kalashnikov; Lalic; $8.06; .
Sicilian Love; Polugaevsky; $31.50; .
Sicilian Najdorf Vol. 3; Lalic; $8.06; .
Sicilian Paulsen; Plaskett; $7.16; .
Sicilian Paulsen Vol.2; Emms; $8.06; .
Sicilian Scheveningen For Black; Soltis; $14.85; .
Sicilian Scheveningen Vol 2.; Buckley; $8.06; .
Sicilian Sozin; Golubev; $20.65; a life long devotee explains the subtleties of this aggressive system for white.
Sicilian Sozin Vol.2; Emms; $8.06; .
Sicilian Sveshnikov Vol.2; Gallagher; $8.06; .
Sicilian Taimanov; Plaskett; $17.96; .
Sicilian Taimanov Vol.2; Cummings; $8.06; .
Sicilian! an Overview; Edwards; $9.86; .
Sicilian, Modern Richter-Rauzer; Schiller; $4.95; .
Sicilian, Richter-Rauzer with a6; Schiller; $4.50; .
Simple Checkmates; Gilliam; $13.45; .
Simple Chess; Stean; $7.15; By isolating the basic elements and illustrating them through a selection of Master and Grand Master games, Simple Chess breaks down the mystique of strategy into plain, easy-to-understand ideas.
Simple Chess; Emms; $17.95; Chess is an easy game to learn, but a difficult one to master.
Simple Winning Chess; Baker; $17.06; .
Slav; Sadler; $17.96; .
Slav Defense Vol 2; Hodgson; $8.06; .
Slav Defense: Winawer Countergambit; Schiller; $14.85; .
Slav for the Tournament Player; Flear; $9.86; .
Slav Versus 1.d4; Silman; $11.66; .
Small Encyclopedia of Chess Openings; Informant; $35.10; .
Smith Morra Acc. A Game Collection; Smith/Wall; $7.16; .
Smith-Morra Dec. A Game Collection; Smith/Wall; $7.16; .
Smith-Morra Gambit Vol 2; Lalic; $8.06; .
Smyslov's 125 Selected Games; Smyslov's; $17.96; .
Sokolov's Best Games; Sokolov; $17.96; .
Solving in Style; Nunn; $16.15; .
Sorcerer's Apprentice; Bronstein; $17.96; .
Soviet Championships; Cafferty; $26.96; The definitive record of the greatest series of chess championships in the world.
Soviet Chess 1917-1991; Soltis; $49.50; .
Spanish Exchange; Henley; $11.66; .
Spanish Without 3...A6; Martin; $7.16; .
Square One; Pandolfini; $11.70; .
St Petersburg 1895/96; Owen; $19.80; .
St. Petersburg 1914 International; Tarrasch; $32.40; .
Standard Chess Openings; Schiller; $22.46; The new definitive standard on opening chess play in the 20th century, this comprehensive guide covers every important opening and variation ever played and currently in vogue. More than 3,000 opening strategies are presented! Differing from previous
Start Playing Chess; Katz; $7.16; .
Starting Out in Chess; Byron Jacobs; $13.46; .
Starting Out: English; McDonald; $15.25; Ideal for those wanting to understand the basics of the English Opening.
Starting Out: Nimzo Indian; Ward; $15.25; Ideal for those wanting to understand the basics of the Nimzo-Indian.
Starting Out: Queens Gambit; Shaw; $15.25; .
Starting Out: Ruy Lopez; Shaw; $15.25; Ideal for those wanting to understand the basics of the Ruy Lopez.
Starting Out: The Caro-Kann; Gallagher; $15.25; Numerous notes, tips, warnings and exercises to help the improving player, whilst important strategies, ideas and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated
Starting Out: The French; Jacobs; $15.25; IM Byron Jacobs examines the basic principles behind the French and its numerous variations.
Starting Out: The Kings Indian; Gallagher; $15.25; The King’s Indian is one of the most exciting defences in chess and is favoured by ambitious and aggressive players.
Starting Out: The Sicilian; Emms; $15.25; Ideal for those wanting to understand the basics of the Sicilian.
Startling Castling; Timmer; $20.65; Covers all aspects of castling, including whether to castle early or late, whether to go kingside or queenside, and standard attacks against the castled position.
Startling Chess Opening Repertoire; Baker; $17.06; .
Stockholm 1937: The Lost Olympiad; Cozens; $8.95; .
Stonewall Attack/Revised 2nd Ed; Soltis; $14.85; .
Storming the Barricades; Christianson; $17.96; In this book Larry Christiansen takes more than 50 real-life positions, breaks each one down into its key elements, and explains the right strategy for conducting a successful attack.
Strategic Chess: Mastering the Closed Game; Mednis; $8.96; .
Strategic Themes in the Opening and Beyond; Mednis; $8.06; .
Strategical Themes; Unger; $12.56; .
Strategy for Advanced Players; Schiller; $13.05; .
Super Nezh HC; Pishkin; $40.50; .
Super Tournaments 2000; ; $31.50; What interesting things did the year 2000 bring to chess players? That year was rich in events: the 34th Chess Olympiad, first European Championship, first World Cup, world Championship, match between Kasparov and Kramnik…
Surprise in Chess; Avni; $16.15; .
Survival Guide to Rook Endings; Emms; $17.96; .
Sveshnikov Sicilian; McDonald; $20.65; .
Sveshnilov Sicilian; Krasenkov; $19.76; .
Svetozar Gligoric - Collected Games; Leach; $22.46; .
Symmetrical English; Cummings; $17.95; .
Symmetrical English; Carsten Hansen; $20.65; Authoritative coverage of a massive opening complex, including the Hedgehog and Anti-Benoni.
Tactical Chess Endings; Nunn; $20.66; .
Tactical Chess Training/300 Studies; Shamkovich; $16.16; The book is made up of 300 fresh positions (mostly from games in the 1990's) filled with tactical themes and thoroughly analyzed by the authors.
Tactics in the French; Nesis; $17.96; .
Tactics in the Grunfeld; Nesis; $17.96; .
Tactics of Endgames; Ban; $7.16; .
Taimanov & Knights Tour Benoni; Watson; $5.40; This book outlines two fundamentally different ways for White to attack the Modern Benoni Defense.
Taimanov's Selected Games; Taimanov; $17.96; .
Take My Rooks: 136 Games of Rook Sacrifices; Seirawan; $11.66; .
Tal the Magnificent; Soltis; $14.36; GM Soltis, one of America's best writers, has given us a masterpiece. 1990 book of the year.
Tal-Botvinnik 1960; Tal; $17.96; This is simply the best book written about a world championship match by a contestant. That shouldn't be a surprise because Tal was the finest writer to become world champion. - International Grandmaster and popular chess columnist Andy Soltis
Tallinn 1979; Christiansen; $8.96; .
Taming the Sicilian; Davies; $17.95; Grandmaster Nigel Davies tackles the Open Sicilian head on, but still develops an easyto-use system for White based upon the fianchetto of the king's bishop.
Tarrasch French I/Guimard Variation; Schiller; $7.16; The Guimard Variation of the Tarrasch French ( 1 e4 e6 2 d4 d5 3 Nd2 Nc6!?) provides Black with an opportunity...
Tartakower & Anti-Tartakower; Lalic; $8.06; .
Tchigorin Defense; Soltis; $13.95; .
Tennison Gambit 1. Nf3 d5 2. e4; Lutes; $11.66; .
Tension in the Chess Position; Sheffield; $5.85; .
Test Your Chess - Piece Power; Walker; $13.46; .
Test Your Chess IQ Vol 1; Livshitz; $17.96; .
Test Your Chess IQ Vol 2; Livshitz; $17.96; .
Test Your Chess IQ Vol 3; Livshitz; $17.96; .
Test Your Chess IQ: 100 Great Challenges; Evans; $11.65; .
Test Your Endgame Thinking; Flear; $17.95; How should a chessplayer think in the endgame? How is the game affected once there are just a few pieces left on the board? GM Flear provides the answers in a book which will guide the reader along the path to enlightenment.
Test Your Opening, Mid & End Vol II; Smith/Devault; $13.95; .
Test Your Opening/Middlegame/Endgame Play; Smith/Devault; $14.85; .
Test Your Positional Play; Bellin / Ponzetto; $17.95; Designed to improve a player's middlegame performance by analyzing the strategic and tactical elements of a position, these tests also explain how to form a plan and to check that is it sound.
The 10 Most Common Chess Mistakes; Evans; $13.46; This fascinating collection of 218 errors, oversights, and outright blunders not only shows the price great players pay for violating basic principles, but how to avoid these mistakes in your own game. You'll be challenged to choose between two moves...
The Advance French; Kosten; $17.96; .
The Alekhine Defense Playbook; Sawyer; $19.76; .
The Black Knight's Tango; Orlov; $17.96; .
The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Keybook II; Sawyer; $26.96; .
The Budapest Gambit; Lalic; $17.96; .
The Chess Analyst; Edwards; $17.96; .
The Chess Players Battle Manual; Davies; $17.96; .
The Chess Software Sourcebook; Pawlak; $15.26; .
The Complete Richter-Rauzer; Wells; $23.35; .
The French Tarrasch; Emms; $17.96; .
The Gambit Guide to the English Opening 1...e5; Carsten Hansen; $21.56; .
The Kings Gambit; Mcdonald; $19.75; .
The Right Way to Play Chess; Pritchard; $11.66; .
The Road to Chess Improvement; Yermolinsky; $22.45; .
The Sicilian Accelerated Dragon; Nielsen/Hansen; $22.46; .
The Spanish Exchange; Kinsman; $19.75; .
The Steeplechase; Charushin; $14.35; .
The System: A World Champion's Approach to Chess; Berliner; $22.46; .
The Trompowsky; Gallagher; $17.96; .
The Turk, Chess Automaton; Levitt; $45.00; With all-new research and facts unknown for two centuries, this is a richly detailed and comprehensive account of "The Turk".....
The Two Knights Defence; Mikhalchisin; $17.95; .
The Ultimate Pirc; Nunn/Mcnab; $20.65; .
The United States Chess Championships 1845-1996 2nd Ed; Soltis; $40.50; .
The Unknown Bobby Fischer; Donaldson & Tangborn; $17.06; .
The Winning Way; Pandolfini; $10.80; .
Theme Artistry Volume 1; Furst; $17.96; .
Think Like a Grandmaster; Kotov; $21.56; .
Three Days with Bobby Fischer & Other Essays; Alburt; $23.00; This is a chess book you can sit back comfortably in your armchair and just read. Or, when you feel like getting the pieces out of the box and learning from some great games, tactics and strategies - that’s all here as well.
Three Hundred Chess Games; Tarrasch; $17.96; English Language Edition - by Tarrasch. Translated in 1999. GM Tarrach's classical system as shown in three hundred of his own best games. First time ever published in English.
Times Winning Moves; Keene/Jacobs; $17.05; Picks from the British The Timers, Winning Move column.
Tips for Young Players; Matthew Sadler; $13.45; Britain's No. 3 ranked player Grandmaster Matthew Sadler answers key questions: Which openings should I play? How to I learn to spot tactics? What do I need to know about the endgame?
Torre & Trompovsky Vol 3; Hodgson; $8.06; .
Torre & Trompovsky Vol.2; ; $8.06; .
Torre Vol 4; Sindik; $8.06; .
Torre/Trompowsky Vol.1; Hodgson; $7.16; .
Training for the Tournament Player; Dvoretsky; $19.76; .
Trompowski Vol 4; Buckley; $8.06; .
Trompowsky Attack; Soltis; $14.85; .
Twelve Great Players & Their Best Games; Chernev; $11.65; .
Twenty-Five Annotated Games; Hubner; $49.50; .
Two Kings; Scharff; $13.46; .
Two Knights/Anglo-Benoni System; Janicki; $5.40; .
Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book; Emms; $22.45; 1001 original puzzles to challenge all standards of player, from begginer to grand-master.
Ultimate Closed Sicilian; Lane; $20.65; .
Ultimate Colle; Lane; $20.65; .
Ultimate Dragon Volume 1; Gufeld; $23.35; In this first of two volumes on the Dragon Sicilian, the two authors present detailed coverage of the Rauzer variation to date.
Ultimate Dragon Volume 2; Gufeld; $20.65; In this second part of their detailed work on the Dragon Sicilian, the authors present coverage, to date, of all lines other than the Rauzer, which is dealt with in Volume One.
Ultimate Scorebook - 50 Games; ACE; $2.50; These spiral bound notation pads are a great way to compile your library of games in a nice organized way. Instead of loose sheats, you can now use a score book to track 50 games each consisting of 90 moves.
Unbeatable White Repertoire After 1.e4 e5 Nf3; Evans/Smith; $11.66; .
Uncompromising Chess; Belyavsky; $17.06; .
Understanding Chess Move by Move; Nunn; $17.95; This new title, the first of its type to explain the dynamic principles that underpin modern chess, uses more than thirty carefully selected games to help the reader understand the most important aspects of the chess struggle.
Understanding Pawn Play in Chess; Marovic; $19.76; .
Understanding the Grunfeld; Rowson; $22.45; .
Understanding the Sacrifice; Dunnington; $17.95; Angus Dunnington acquaints the reader with key aspects of all kinds of chess sacrifices, including the queen sacrifice, sacrifices in the endgames and the psychology attached to the sacrifce.
Understanding the Spanish; Taulbut; $16.16; .
Unknown Capablanca, 2nd Rev Rd; Hooper; $6.26; .
Unlimited Challenge - An Autobiography; Kasparov; $17.96; .
Unorthodox Chess Openings; Schiller; $22.46; The exciting guide to every major unorthodox openings used by chess players, contains more than 1,500 weird, contentious, controversial, unconventional, arrogant, and outright strange opening strategies. From their tricky tactical surprises to their
US Open 1981: Palo Alto; Marfia; $4.50; .
US Open 1982: St Paul; Marfia; $4.50; .
US Open 1983: Pasadena; Marfia; $5.40; .
US Open 1984: FT Worth; Marfia; $5.40; .
Vasily Smyslov: Endgame Virtuoso; Smyslov; $19.76; .
Veresov; Davies; $17.95; In this book, Grandmaster Nigel Davies arms the reader with an all-in-one repertoire with the white pieces, with the Veresov being the central line.
Versov Attack; Smith/Hall; $15.75; .
Victory in the Opening; Lane; $15.25; .
Vienna Game; Lane; $17.95; This book provides everything you need to know to start playing the Vienna as White or Black. Through the use of model games for both sides, the author provides a thorough grounding in the key ideas.
Vienna Game & Gambit; Santasiere; $14.85; .
View from the Top: Kasparov-Anand; Hall/Cartier; $13.46; A look at the New York PCA match by on-the-scene authors. All games fully annotated with critical analysis supplied by the GM contributors.
Viktors Pupols; Parr; $5.85; .
Vishy Anand - Chess Super-Talent; Norwood; $18.00; .
Vishy Anand: My Best Games of Chess; Anand; $17.96; short descip
Volga Gambit A57 I; Fide; $13.46; .
Von Hennig-Schara Gambit; Schiller; $8.06; .
Wade Variation 1.d4 d6 2.Nf3 Bg4; Lalic; $8.06; .
Warriors of The Mind; Keene; $26.96; .
Weapons of Chess; Pandolfini; $11.70; .
Welcome to the Game of Chess; Kusen; $3.50; .
What Happens Next?; Blackstock; $7.16; .
What's the Best Move?; Evans; $10.80; .
White Opening System/Stonewall, Etc; Soltis; $14.85; .
White to Play 1.e4 and Win; Schiller; $14.85; .
Whiz Kids Teach Chess; Schiller; $13.46; Today's greatest young stars, some perhaps to be future world champions, present a fascinating look at the world of chess. Each tells of their successes, failures, world travels, and love of chess, show off their best moves, and admit to their most...
Who's Afraid of the King's Gambit; Schiller; $8.96; .
Why You Lose at Chess; Harding; $6.25; "Before you can play well", author Tim Harding notes, "you must stop playing badly". To help keep you from making the same mistakes over and over, this newly updated chess classic shows how to learn from your losses by...
William Steinitz Chess Champion; Landsberge; $49.50; .
William Steinitz Modern Chess Instructor; Steinitz; $22.50; The book starts with an introduction, in which the game itself and the value of the various pieces is explained. Also the importance of chess as a method of mental education as well as the new school and its tendencies is pointed out.
Williams Gambit; Williams; $9.00; Somewhat unusual gambit involving sacrificing the e-pawn to the d5 pawn early on. For example: 1.f4 d5 2.e4 de4. 3.Nc3 Nf6.
Win at Chess; Curry; $17.06; .
Win in the Opening!; Neishtadt; $17.95; To lose a game of chess in the opening or the early middlegame is especially annoying yet surprisingly common.
Win with the Djin!; Schiller; $8.06; .
Winning Against 1.d4 Nimzo/Bogo-Ind; Tangborn; $14.85; .
Winning Against 1.e4 Play Sicilian; Tangborn; $14.85; .
Winning Against Flank Openings; Tangborn; $12.15; .
Winning at Chess: Better Chess Series #4; Gillam; $5.40; .
Winning at Correspondence Chess; Harding; $22.50; .
Winning Chess Brilliancies 3rd Ed; Seirawan; $17.99; .
Winning Chess Brilliancies, 4th Ed.; Seirawan; $17.95; move-by-move account of the best chess games of the last 25 years, played by the world's foremost chess competitors
Winning Chess Endings, 4th Ed.; Seirawan; $17.95; Winning Chess Endings teaches endgame strategies in an exciting new way--by putting the player in the middle of the action with firsthand stories taken directly from famous matches.
Winning Chess Openings; Robertie; $8.96; Shows concepts and best opening moves of more than 25 essential openings from Black's and White's perspectives: King's Gambit, Center Game, Scotch Game, Giucco Piano, Vienna Game, Bishop's Opening, Ruy Lopez, French, Caro-Kann, Sicilian, Alekhine, Pirc...
Winning Chess Openings, 4th Ed.; Seirawan; $17.95; Winning Chess Openings will help readers develop a solid understanding of opening principles that can be applied to every game they play--without having to memorize a dizzying array of tedious and lengthy opening lines.
Winning Chess Piece by Piece; Nottingham; $9.86; .
Winning Chess Series - 6 Titles; Seirawan; $99.95; In his very clear, enthusiastic writing style, he delivers a complete, well rounded chess course beginning with the basics!
Winning Chess Strategies - 4th Edition; Seirawan; $17.95; A complete overview of proven chess principles that teaches you how to deploy your pieces using the right moves at the right time to build small advantages into effective, long-range strategies.
Winning Chess Tactics; Robertie; $8.96; 14 chapters of winning ideas show the complete thinking behind every tactical concept: pins, single and double forks, double attacks, skewers, discovered and double checks, multiple threats - and other crushing tactics to gain an immediate edge over
Winning Chess Tactics - 4th Edition; Seirawan; $17.95; The essential guide to the use of tactics, the hand-to-hand fighting that takes advantage of short-term opportunities to trap or ambush an opponent and change the course of a game in a single move.
Winning Chess Tactics for Juniors; Hays; $9.90; Based on Combination Challenge, one, two, and three-move problems in a workbook format. Ideal for developing junior and intermediate players.
Winning Chess Traps; Chernev; $12.60; .
Winning Correspondence Chess; Grivainis; $12.60; .
Winning Endgame Strategy; Beliavsky / Mikalchishin; $19.75; A top player and a leading theoretician team up to provide invaluable practical guidance to help players of all standards cope better with many kinds of endgames. Intermediate
Winning Endgame Technique; Beliavsky; $18.90; Two leading GMs, both championship trainers, study a variety of typical endgame situations which you are likely to encounter.
Winning in the Opening; Walker; $13.46; .
Winning Moves 2; Keene; $10.80; .
Winning Pawn Structures; Baburin; $22.46; .
Winning Quickly with Black; Neishtadt; $17.96; .
Winning Quickly with White; Neishtadt; $17.96; .
Winning Unorthodox Openings; Dunnington; $17.06; Concise coverage of White's alternatives to 1.e4, 1 d4, 1.c4 and 1 Nf4 Written by an expert on subtle flank openings Equips the reader for all key transpositions Explains winning strategies for White and Black.
Winning w/Giucco Piano/Max Lange 2; Soltis; $14.85; .
Winning w/Ruy Exchange-Fischer; Soltis; $14.85; .
Winning White Repertoire; Tangborn; $15.75; This book gives a complete opening repertoires. The main system is the Torre Attack 1 d4, Nf6 2 Nf3 or 1 d4, d5 2 Nf3 both followed by 3 Bg5.
Winning with 1.c4; Soltis; $12.56; .
Winning with 1.d4 Rev 2nd Ed; Soltis; $14.85; .
Winning with 1.e4; Soltis; $11.66; .
Winning with 1.f4/Bird's Opening; Soltis; $13.05; .
Winning with Blackmar-Diemer Gambit; Smith/Hall; $13.95; .
Winning with English Opening 3rd Ed; Soltis; $15.75; .
Winning with Fischer-Sozin Attack; Lane; $17.96; .
Winning with Leningrad Dutch 7..Qe8; Soltis; $11.25; .
Winning with Reverse Chess Strategy; Reuter; $17.96; .
Winning With The Benko; Jacobs; $18.00; .
Winning with the Benko Gambit; Smith/Hall; $13.95; .
Winning with the Catalan; Dunnington; $17.06; .
Winning with the Closed Sicilian; Lane; $17.96; .
Winning with the Colle System; Smith/Hall; $14.36; .
Winning with the English Defense; Soltis; $14.85; .
Winning With The Hyper-Modern; Keene; $15.26; Assesses the contribution of each major hypermodern figure. More than 100 annotated games. Written by two experts of the hypermodern school
Winning with the Kalashnikov; Mcdonald; $18.00; .
Winning with the Kan; Mortazavi; $19.80; .
Winning with the King's Gambit II; Soltis; $14.85; .
Winning With The Modern; Norwood; $15.26; .
Winning with the Najdorf; King; $21.56; .
Winning With The Nimzo Indian; Keene; $17.96; .
Winning With The Petroff; Karpov; $15.26; .
Winning with the Philidor; Kosten; $15.26; .
Winning with the Pirc Defense; Smith/Hall; $14.85; .
Winning with the Reti Opening; Smith/Hall; $14.85; .
Winning with the Scandinavian; Harman; $17.96; .
Winning with the Schliemann; Tseitlin; $16.16; .
Winning with the Scotch; Lane; $17.96; .
Winning with the Sicilian Defence; Silman; $20.25; .
Winning with the Sicilian Dragon 2; Ward; $20.65; Winning with the Sicilian Dragon 2 provides a complete repertoire for Black in the Open Sicilian and even offers some advice on the Anti-Sicilians.
Winning with the Slav; Markov; $17.96; .
Winning With The Spanish; Karpov; $15.26; .
Winning with the Torre Attack; Gufeld; $17.96; .
Wolff!; Wolff; $9.86; Offers a short autobiographical introduction with 30 complete annotated games by Wolff against well-known players.
World Champion at the Third Attempt; Sanakoev; $20.66; .
World Champion Combinations; Keene; $15.26; Learn the insights, concepts, and moves of the greatest combinations ever by the best players of all time. From Morphy to Alekhine, to Fischer to Kasparov, the combinations and brilliant sacrifices of the 13 World Champions are collected here in the most
World Champion Openings; Schiller; $17.05; This serious reference work covers the essential opening theory and moves of every major chess opening and variation as played by all the world champions. Reading as much like an encyclopedia of the must-know openings crucial to every chess player's...
World Champion Tactics; Shamkovich; $17.06; The authors show how the greatest players who ever lived used their entire arsenal of tactical weapons to bring opponents to their knees. Packed with fascinating strategems, 50 fully annotated games, and more than 200 diagrams, players learn not only....
World Chess Championship Matches, Vol 1; Berdichevsky; $26.95; Volume 1 contains 331 games from 1886-1937, diagrams, informant annotations.
World Chess Championship Matches, Vol 2; Berdichevsky; $26.95; Volume 2 contains 275 games from 1948 through 1972. diagrams, informant style annotations and black and white illustrations.
World Chess Championship Matches, Vol 3; Berdichevsky; $26.95; Volume 3 contains 279 games from 1978-1998, diagrams, informant style annotations and black and white illustrations.
World Chess Championship: Kasparov - Anand; Keene; $13.50; .
Worlds Great Chess Games; Fine; $9.85; A reprinted annotated treasury of the greatest games ever played along with some funny behind the scenes stories.
Young Pretenders; Keene; $15.26; .
Your Chess Questions Answered; Susan Lalic; $15.26; .
Your Move: Better Chess Series #3; Gillam; $5.40; .
Zurich Internationl Chess Tourney; Bronstein; $9.86; .

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