Chess Gutter Pairs and Blocks

Jon Edwards

Gutter pairs and gutter blocks are a fun way to add spice to a topical collection.

Gutter pairs are a set of two stamps connected by a central label with or without printing on the label. The central label that separates panes of stamps is not itself valid for postage, but labels with "traffic lights" and other markings are often highly sought by collectors.

Gutter pairs or gutter blocks must contain complete stamps on both sides of the gutter, with or without perforations.

Here are the chess gutter pairs that I have found. I am aware that there is also a gutter pair for the 1950 Hungary issue but I do not own it. Let me know if you have an image of it that you would be willing to share here. And, of course, please let me know if you have found other chess gutter pairs.