Books (and Videos) on Beginning Tactics

Here are two software CDs designed to assist beginners


Chess Tactics for Kids, Murray Chandler. This book has been moving in and out of tock quickly at Amazon. I have not yet seen it and there are no reviews yet at Amazon, but it's their big seller on tactics for kids.

Young readers could certain try one of the next five books. An easy, helpful approach, and not too intense.

I keep the next two books handy for a quick review before I head off to tournaments. The tactics are organized into thematic sections. You may start off slowly, but after a dozen or so, you really began picking up the patterns!

The next book has just about everything.... certainly enough to keep you busy for six months or more.

I adore the next two books. My father bought the first of these for me when I was 12 and I devoured it in a weekend.